Coming to college I thought it was going to be all fun because I went to an academically challenging high school. I have discovered that no matter where you went to high school, you will think about these things at least once.

1. How are there only 24 hours in a day? I need more.

2. Did she really do a whole face of makeup before class? Impressive.

3. Do I want to treat myself with real food?

4. What was that classes attendance policy again?

5. Why do i feel like I always have something to do?

6. I need a nap

7. Im busy *while laying in bed*

8. Why am I picking them up for the 3rd night in a row?

9. I failed that

10. Honestly I don't care if that car hits me

11. How do they know how to do that

12. I wonder if anybody can tell I haven't slept

13. Let me wait till next week to tell my mom I'm dropping out

14. Why are they making out in front of everyone... yikes...

15. My professor probably thinks I am cheating

16. I'm confused

17. I have to call my mom, dad, both grandparents, step grandparents, my whole family because they probably think I am dead