In college? Check. On winter break? Check.

Having these thoughts?

1. Wow, I really do sleep a lot later than the rest of my family does.

2. I missed {insert favorite restaurant} so much.

3. *Looks at luggage* do I really have to lug all of this back to school?

4. My room is an absolute mess.

5. I don't think it will be cleaned until I have to pack up again.

6. My bed has never felt so comfortable.

7. How did I make it this long without my favorite coffee?

8. It is sure is nice having no homework to do.

9. I should probably catch up on some reading.

10. And my favorite Netflix series.

11. How have I already watched three seasons of Friends?

12. I miss going to school hockey and basketball games.

13. I wonder how I ever lived without my dog.

14. I miss having dinner with my friends every night.

15. As weird as this may sound, I miss my brick of a bed at school.

16. I wish I was on campus so I didn't have to shovel all of this snow.

17. This break is flying, but it could also be going a lot faster.

18. Is it time to go back to {insert school name} yet?