18 Things Upstate New Yorkers Know to be True

According to everyone who doesn't live in New York, pretty much every where from Westchester to Potsdam and Rochester to Albany is considered "Upstate New York." So congratulations! If you don't live in New York City, you are a proud Upstate New Yorker! That being said, New York is a huge state full of many different types of people, so we aren't all going to understand the same lifestyle, especially if you live on farm in the middle of the state and the next person lives in the suburbs. However, wherever we are located, we love our state and couldn't be more proud to New York our wonderful, beautiful, home, and know many of these things to be true.

1. Like I said above, we actually aren't really sure of what "Upstate New York" really is.

2. And no, I'm not that close to Canada OR the city. They're pretty far from each other.

3. The Adirondacks will always be the most breathtaking mountains to us.

4. We enjoy our summers boating and swimming in all of our beautiful lakes, Lake George being one of the most popular.

5. Summer nights are spent at SPAC listening to some of the most popular bands and musicians.

6. Winter can be brutal, but sometimes snow days are hard to come by, except for Ichabod Crane. Everyone hates them because they always close.

7. We have some of the best hiking trails with the most incredible views.

8. The Times Union Center in Albany will always be considered the Pepsi or the Knickerbocker Arena.

9. Our seasons are perfect. From a chilled, colorful fall, to a blooming spring, we really have it all.

10. We are home to some pretty cool, historic places. From Woodstock to Cooperstown, we have it and it's all our own.

11. We really don't go to the city as often as people out of state think.

12. Stewart's has the best ice cream, and you can conveniently fill up your tank before you leave.

13. Our TVs are flooded with Fuccillo's car dealership "HUUUUGE" commercials, and we use his voice to describe large things more often than we should.

14. It's pretty hard not to pass by a cow, horse, or any other type of farm animal on a long drive somewhere.

15. Our younger years were spent venturing around Six Flag's Great Escape amusement and water park.

16. We are so totally proud that the Miracle on Ice, or the 1980 Olympic win against the Soviet Union took place in our very own Lake Placid.

17. We've never even been in every part of New York.

18. Although we're "HUUUUGE," we're one big family and that's why we love New York.

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