18 Things To Remember For 2018

18 Things To Remember For 2018

Sometimes we need reminders to help us achieve our resolutions.


Every year people create resolutions for themselves. Many of these resolutions are big picture goals and often end up being pushed aside instead of actually being followed through with. Sometimes, it is better to make small changes, even if it is just reminding yourself of certain things. Here are 18 important things to keep in mind while you are trying to tackle your new year. Please note: this post is also posted on my website, Just The Write Life.

1. Don't overwhelm yourself with huge goals.

If you want to set a large goal, that is completely fine, just make sure you come up with a plan to gradually reach your goal. This will prevent you from becoming too overwhelmed and dropping your pursuit altogether.

2. Try new things.

New experiences offer new memories to gain, and these memories will be something for you to hold onto forever.

3. Think of yourself more.

If you are not happy and want to get out of a situation, get out. Whether it be a toxic friendship, relationship, or workspace -- you deserve to be happy.

4. Always kiss your SO goodbye.

You never know if it will be the last time. Life is tricky that way.

5. Make the most of the time you have.

What are you doing to better yourself? If the answer is nothing, what can you do? Write down a small list and go from there. Just get off the couch!

6. Give yourself a cheat day.

If you work hard to be fir and stay healthy it is important to remember to treat yourself. Hell, give yourself two. You EARNED that piece of pizza.

7. It is okay to be down sometimes, and it is okay to ask for help when you need it.

If you are having a rough time and feel like talking to someone would help, make an effort to get yourself the help you deserve.

8. When you see a dog, pet it.


9. Be thankful for today because you are not guaranteed a tomorrow.

Whether it was a bad or a good day, always remember to be thankful because you got the privilege of walking this earth and living your vivid life for another day. My lovely step-mom told me this and I will always hold it with me.

10. It is bad to let your emotions build up.

This is something I am VERY guilty of, and something worth putting on this list. Letting all of your emotions pile up on each other is not good. So, let it out. Speak up.

11. You do not need to be a Victoria Secret Model. You are you, and you are beautiful.

Love the body you have, it is the only one you get.

12. If you believe in yourself and you work hard, you will be unstoppable.

There is a reason "believe" is my all-time favorite word. It all comes down to what you believe you can do and how badly you want your dreams to become a reality. Work for those dreams, and they will be yours in time.

13. Appreciate the little things in your life.

Did your SO do the dishes? Did your parent leave you a post-it note in the morning? Did your baby grab your finger? Appreciate the little things because they add up to mean so much.

14. Smile at strangers. It could save their life.

You never know how bad of a day someone is having so always be as pleasant as you possibly can.

15. Save some, spend some, give some.

Money does not grow on trees but it never hurts to save a little and give a little, if you can.

16. Find time to yourself when you need it.

Spending time alone is vital to who you become in life, it allows you to develop yourself and think independently.

17. Change is good.

There is nothing bad about change. It brings you a new perspective on life and allows you to redevelop and grow as an individual. Embrace change and it will be your companion.

18. Your mindset is everything.

Do not dread on what is bad, instead focus on what is good. A positive mindset will attract other positive energies, whereas negative mindsets will attract negative energies. Make the most of your 2018 and attract the positive.

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