18 Reactions We All Had During The Super Bowl Sunday Episode of 'This Is Us'

18 Reactions We All Had During The Super Bowl Sunday Episode of 'This Is Us'

Grab tissues because there are spoilers ahead.

With puffy eyes from crying the night before and an empty tissue box on my bedside table, I personally cannot get over the recent This Is Us episode. It's the one we've all been waiting for and dreading—the one where we find out how Jack Pearson dies. Needless to say, it was an emotional rollercoaster and I decided to recap some of the many top moments of the episode below.

1. When the episode is about to start and you have to start bracing yourself for the tears that are most definitely going to fall.

2. When Jack opens the door and sees the fire in the hallway.

3. When Jack continues to go out into the fire to get Kate and Randall and you (once again) realize how much of a great guy he is.

4. When they’re all out of the house, but Jack goes back inside to get the dog and you think he didn’t make it.

5. Only to find out that he did make it out WITH the dog and everything seems to be okay (for now).

6. When Jack shows Rebecca all of the "important things" he got out of the house when he went inside to get the dog and you start to cry even more.

7. When you see the preview for the Eagles vs. Patriots game on Kate's television and stop to celebrate the outcome of the game.

8. When Jack and Rebecca are at the hospital looking through the window and it flashes back to the two of them on the first episode after The Big Three was born.

9. When Kate tells Toby that it was her fault Jack died and she wants one day to beat herself up over it.

10. But when the tape of her singing that Jack recorded was recovered and put “on the cloud.”

11. When Rebecca is on the phone calling Miguel and the kids and you see the doctors start to run around in the background so you know something bad is going to happen.

12. When we finally hear the words "Mrs. Pearson, your husband has died." and you realize Jack died from cardiac arrest.


13. When Rebecca tells Miguel about Jack's death and how she has to be strong for her kids before she tells them what happened.

14. When Kevin goes to talk to his dad by his dad's tree and says he wants to make his dad proud of him.

15. When Kate tells Toby that he saved her life and that Jack would've loved him.

16. When Rebecca says that Jack sent her Kevin this year to make her laugh on Superbowl Sunday.

17. When you suddenly realize the girl arranging a foster home for the little boy is Tess in the future.

18. When you finally make it to the preview of the next episode and think you're okay until you see clips of the funeral and learn that Dr. K is going to be in it.

So grab more tissues and hug the person closest to you because it looks like more tears will be falling during the next episode! Then again, doesn't every episode make us cry?

Cover Image Credit: Adventures in Poor Taste

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