18 Halloween Movies That'll Rock Your October
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18 Halloween Movies That'll Rock Your October

Seasonal films help create holiday memories.

18 Halloween Movies That'll Rock Your October

October isn't just a time for candy and spooky stories. Its also a time for family. What better way to bring the family together than watching an old time favorite while cozied up in the living room eating fresh baked Halloween cookies? Luckily there's a plethora of bone-chilling, yet comedic classics to choose from. These films are sure to "put a spell on you"!

1) Hocus Pocus

Time to catch up to the 21st Century if you haven't seen this one. This October marks its 25th anniversary. It must be good if after all that time its still so timeless. Almost as timeless as the Sanderson sisters themselves!

2) The Nightmare Before Christmas

I myself just watched this straight through for the first time. All I have to say is wow. I was amazed by the amount of details artists and filmmakers put into the characters and sets. Having taken a stop-motion animation course I'm able to appreciate just how much dedication it took to bring this classic story to life. Truly a magnificent visual accomplishment.

3) Corpse Bride

I watched this for years and had no idea my favorite actor, Johnny Depp, voiced the main character. The absorption quality in this film is that real. You can feel the corpse bride's desperation as she everlastingly waits for her beloved's hand in marriage.

4) Halloween Town series

All four of these films give Halloween a nostalgic feeling as viewers reminisce about their trick or treating years as gory ghouls and movie characters. The enticing plot and visual effects of this film make you want to jump in and help the characters in their pursuit to save Halloween Town!

5) Twitches series

Imagine finding out you have a twin sister, you're both witches, and you're royalty in a mystical land all in the same day? These sisters have their work cut out for them…. and a lot of catching up to do!

6) A Haunted Mansion

Welcome foolish mortals…. to an unforgettable adventure with Eddie Murphy as him and his family explore the secrets of you guessed it, yeah, a haunted mansion. Happy haunts and creepy singing statues litter the landscape of the film. Bringing the ever famous Disney ride to life like never before.

7) Tower of Terror

Another ride inspired movie "drops" viewers into the life of a struggling supernatural journalist. Hoping to get his big break with a supposedly haunted hotel.

8) Mostly Ghostly series

Ok so as a film major I'll admit that these are beyond cheesy. However, they do capture that same nostalgic element of Halloween that most fall Disney movies do. I mean that is as long as you find walking through your basement wall into a ghoul's lair nostalgic.

9) Don't Think About It

A classic from R. L. Stine's creative paws. Emily Osment's character leads you through the haunting halls of high school with the constant reminder not to think about it! Are you thinking about it? You are, aren't you? Stop! You're not supposed to. Great, now I'm thinking about it. Watch out. It could be right behind you!

10) Casper

This friendly ghost does more than smile. Could I have some eggs and fresh orange juice too, Casper? Who knew his talents extended into the kitchen. If all ghosts could be like Casper the world would be a lot less scary place.

11) ParaNorman

The stop-motion animation world went wild when this was released. Inspired by Burton's practices in The Nightmare Before Christmas, this film raises the dead from their graves to bring them back as sculpted clay. Its heartwarming and fun to watch, especially for those youngsters who think they're seeing something that no one else can.

12) Frankenweenie

Beautiful and emotional. Don't be like me and watch this movie alone. If you have a heart YOU WILL CRY. Its an emotional roller coaster that only goes up (Ha did ya catch that Green lovers?!). Its stop-motion animation and in black and white, giving it a unique visual appearance separated from most animated films seeing that the genre is known for its bright colors. Don't be turned off by the black and white it doesn't drone on in the way some ancient film artifacts do.

13) Hotel Transylvania series

LOVE IS ALL I HAVE FOR THIS SERIES. The goofy humor and loving storyline make this a family favorite. I watch these again and again and they never cease to put a smile on my face.

14) Monster House

The three protagonists learn the true meanings of love and friendship throughout their war with the local living house.

15) Goosebumps

R. L. Stine's monsters come to life in this thrilling saga between a man and his creations.

16) Addams Family

They're creepy and they're crawly, they're the Addams family! This family's backwards way of living will make you grateful for the normality of your own. That is unless you like living in a mansion with your dead relatives eternally resting in the back.

17) Beetlejuice

The plot spark sends viewers into a frenzy of worry about the fragility of their own lives. This film really makes you ponder death, the afterlife, and everything after. Beware of Beetlejuice and his manipulative efforts to exploit your soul!

18) Ghost Busters series

The ghosts of New York City are coming for you! In three epic battles between the living and the dead try not to hide under the covers. If you haven't seen the remake then I suggest you do. Those who say its wrong to remake this classic with a cast of all females should know it was wrong to make the originals with just men. These girls saved the the world, with cooler gadgets might I add.

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