Consider yourself lucky if you have a few best friends. These are the people who are there for you through thick and thin, who will never fail you. You will never fail to make each other laugh, and you're comfortable whether sitting around in silence for hours on end or going on adventures constantly. I don't get to thank my best friends for everything they do for me, even though they are some of the most important people in my life. So here's 17 thank you's for my best friends that they absolutely deserve

1. For being my sleepover buddy

2. For our car ride sing-alongs

3. For spending days on end with me and not getting annoyed

4. For listening to my complaining, even when it seems endless

5. For giving me the best advice

6. For going to concerts with me (even when you don't like the music)

7. For always defending me

8. For your unconditional support

9. For calling me out when I'm wrong

10. For being as weird as I am

11. For wanting to stay in with me when I'm tired

12. For wanting to go out and celebrate with me when something great happens

13. For forgiving me when I mess up (which is often)

14. For comforting me when you know I need it

15. For always checking up on me

16. For knowing me better than anyone else

17. For never leaving my side