When you're living on your own for the first time, you'll come across certain tasks and realize you have no idea what you're doing. Who's the best person to run to for advice? Your mom, of course!

1. How do I make hard-boiled eggs?

The only time I ever ate hard boiled eggs was when we colored them on Easter or when they were offered on a salad bar, so this is a valid question.

2. What do I clean the stove with?

A paper towel and water will do no justice on this killer mess I just made attempting to cook for myself.

3. Can I go to jail if I don't pay this $50 parking ticket?

It happens to all of us, especially on campus where there's never any parking. That doesn't mean we have $50 to blow on a parking ticket though.

4. How often should I change my sheets?

Also, how do you put a fitted sheet on a bed? I've never had to adult like this before.

5. Can I put this styrofoam take-out container in the microwave?

I'm really hungry, and it's 2 a.m., and I REALLY don't want to clean any dishes right now so...

6. What's our Netflix password?

I have to reconnect all my devices through my apartment's wi-fi, and I need to binge-watch Grey's Anatomy ASAP!

7. What's my social security number?

I wasn't trusted with my own Social Security card so do you happen to know it?

8. Why do I feel like an 83 year old woman all of the sudden?

Everyday I wake up, everything hurts, I'm exhausted, and I just want to watch T.V., like, all day.

9. How much Advil can I take without dying?

Please don't ask me why I need to know.

10. How much am I supposed to be spending on food in a week?

I try to buy only what I need, but I get to the checkout and magically spent $90. Is this normal?!

11. How do I get this stain out of my apartment's cream colored carpet?

I may or may not have spilled blue nail polish everywhere.

12. Why does the sink smell like something crawled down it and died?

Do all sinks smell this way? What kind of mysterious witchcraft do moms do to keep everything smelling so nice and fresh?

13. How do I mail something?

I've never mailed anything in my entire life, and I can't even address an envelope. Who trusted me to adult?

14. I left food in the trashcan too long, and now I have a gnat infestation...help?

I'm a lazy college kid, so even though my trash chute is just down the hall, I haven't taken it out in two weeks.

15. Is it normal for one person to go through a whole pack of toilet paper in two weeks?

If I go through this much toilet paper myself, I can't imagine how we have enough money for college when my mom pays for a family of three back home.

16. Can I use your PayPal to order Insomnia Cookies? It's an emergency, I promise

Because exams and assignments and stress, ugh!

17. How do you work ALL DAY and then come home and cook for yourself, shower, AND do all the other things you need to do without crying?

I have a new appreciation for everything you do. Especially because you do it for multiple people. Thank you!