A new first family calls for endless amounts of new fake news articles, hilarious tweets, and a lot of wondering.

What is Trump going to ban next? What is Trump thinking about right now? Who even is Donald Trump, anyway? Wait, that man is our president? How could anyone ever let this happen? Is he crazy, or is that just me thinking that? No, he really is crazy.

Wondering is all we have left to do at this point in time, while Trump sets America to flames.

Ever wonder what The White House looks on the inside each time the new family moves in? Well, with Trump as president, here's what you might find:

1. Self Tanner

That glow doesn't come naturally. Heck, he probably has it in every room in the house. Apply once a day, or twice...or maybe three times.

2. Mirrors

A man full of vain, what else would you expect?

3. Baby gloves

Small hands call for certain measures.

4. A wig room

Hair has always gotta look fresh, he can't be running around partially or fully bald, now can he?

5. A wall

He's gotta build it somewhere, right?

6. An elephant

We don't really need to speak of the elephant in the room, but as long as we're here.

7. A clown

His clownish actions don't just spew from personality, right? His training has to come from somewhere, I'd assume.

8. A "Politics for Dummies" book

Ohhhh, so that's how you President. - Trump after reading a few chapters.

9. A masseuse

What better way to relax an angry and stressed face than with your own personal masseuse? I can only hope he doesn't have one, but you'd never know.

10. A comb

That toupee sure doesn't groom itself, something has got to do it.

11. Hair dye

Or should I say bleach?

12. A personal Tweeter

For the tweets that reign in vain for the man of the hour.

13. Men

Because God forbid, a woman would work in The White House.

14. A "Burn Book"

Since not all things can be said aloud or tweeted, the secrets and envy have to be put somewhere.

15. The number for his bank on speed dial

You know, just in case he has to file for bankruptcy yet again? I mean surely we wouldn't want that because he's supposed to be "making America great again," but you've always gotta have a backup plan.

16. Probably not Melania

When you're in it for the money and fame (aka the sugar-daddy) but get stuck being the First Lady of The United States...yikes.