Please don't take this list the wrong way. Opinions are a great thing to have! However, sometimes they go too far. Even when we know how much other people are affected by our words, there are still so many negative comments floating around. Some people should really take the phrase "think before you speak" into account, especially on social media.

If anyone is ever being put in danger, please do speak up. The situations I am talking about are when people bash a lifestyle or person, bringing someone down just because they're just living life a little differently.

Don't listen to respond and not to understand.

When people think it’s okay to judge:

  1. When there’s a kid involved.
  2. When it’s “for their own good”.
  3. When they’re the same race or color—yellow, black, purple, blue, orange, white, maroon, etc.
  4. When they don’t know them.
  5. When others are also judging them.
  6. When they weren’t brought up the same.
  7. When it’s “just so weird”.
  8. When they’re “better”.
  9. When they think they’re right.
  10. When they only know part of the story.
  11. When it’s part of a stereotype.
  12. When they think they’ll be praised.
  13. When they’re in denial.
  14. When they’re lacking in their own thoughts.
  15. When they think they're standing up to someone.
  16. When there’s no point.
  17. When it’s not okay.