16 Surprising Things No One Tells You About Summer Break As A College Student
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16 Surprising Things No One Tells You About Summer Break As A College Student

Aside from the obvious perks (AKA no homework for three months), however, summer break comes with a lot of surprises and change.

16 Surprising Things No One Tells You About Summer Break As A College Student
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Summer break is arguably the most coveted event in a college student's life. Each year, college students are blessed with three whole months away from campus life in exchange for an intense period of growth, independence, and renewal back "home."

Aside from the obvious perks (AKA no homework for three months), however, summer break comes with a lot of surprises and change.

1. You'll probably forget how to write your own name

With no homework or exams, you literally won't need to write your name on anything for three months. Needless to say, your signature will need a revamp by the end of summer.

2. Actually, you won't remember how to write anything with a pencil and paper

3. You'll barely use your laptop all summer

Sorry laptop, but the sunshine and summer breeze are calling my name.

4. It's likely that you will forget everything you learned last semester

5. You'll ditch your weekly planner

Instead, your days will become an endless loop of summertime adventure. Unless you're planning a huge vacation, you really won't need to remember what day it is.

6. You'll forget what stress feels like

7. Eventually, though, boredom will sink in

8. You'll wish you were back on campus (for one reason or another)

It sounds impossible now, but you might start to miss living in that tiny dorm room with all your best friends just down the hall.

9. Your college friends will start a group chat

10. You'll remember that living at home isn't always perfect

Perks of living at home: home-cooked meals, comfy bed, bigger room.

Downsides of living at home: chores, siblings, reality.

11. You'll treasure the weekends more than ever

12. You'll hang out with your hometown friends a LOT

Summer is the perfect time to reach out to your high school friends and make new memories on the weekends.

13. You'll silently count down the days until you can move back to campus

14. You'll learn a lot about yourself

After spending so much time away from campus and your college friends, you'll have a clearer picture of who you are and what you want to get out of life.

15. You'll shop for new dorm or apartment supplies and decorations

Sometimes, a new rug or cute desk accessory is the only thing that gets you excited to move back to campus.

16. After three months of break and summertime bliss, you'll feel like you can conquer the world

Summer break can change a person in a million different ways, but ultimately, it's important to cherish the break as a time of opportunity and new experiences. Whether you are working full-time and living at home or simply taking three months away from the stresses of campus life, summer break teaches us a lot about ourselves.

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