Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and Katie Ledecky: these are names pop culture associates with swimming. Lean muscles, caps, goggles and Speedos are the things pop culture associates with swimming. But anyone who actually is a swimmer knows it's a sport with its own unique struggles and rewards.

You might be a swimmer if you relate to the following struggles.

1. You know what cap hair is.

2. You know what dry land exercises are.

3. You think in yards and seconds.

4. You have overdeveloped back muscles for life.

5. You've seen a lot of your friends in Speedos.

6. You know what it’s like to have people yell at you while you're underwater.

7. You know what a flip turn is.

8. You know hesitation kills.

9. You’ve had to explain why swimming is actually a very challenging sport.

10. You know what that weird thing in gym locker rooms is used for.

11. You’ve sat in a sauna before it was age appropriate.

12. You know what wet hair freezing in the winter is like.

13. You’ve worked as a lifeguard.

14. You know a guy who shaves his legs.

15. You've had goggle face.

16. The smell of chlorine is a part of your natural scent.

17. During swim season, you binge eat like there’s no tomorrow.