People just don't understand us picky eaters, and it is okay! Here are 16 things only picky eaters understand:

1. “How do you know you don’t like it if you’ve never tried it?”

Well it looks gross and has a million things I hate in it, so I'd say I don't like it.

2. Having very specific orders

Can I get this but without A, B, or C and just a little bit of this? Actually I want something else!

3. Only eating something if your mom cooks it

I mean I like mac and cheese but only when my mom makes it.

4. Going to a friend’s house and eating dinner with their family basically equals a nervous breakdown

Abort mission!!

5. The kid’s menu is your best friend

Everything is just so much simpler!

6. People ask what you like to eat and you’re like uhhhh…

Ice cream for sure!

7. Having to look up menus before going to a restaurant you’ve never been to

What if they don't have anything I like?

8. Trying something new and everyone freaking out

I just felt like being adventurous!

9. Having back up snacks everywhere you go is a must

What if I don't like the dinner I get?

10. You picked your college based on if they had enough food options

1 dining hall is just not gonna do it.

11. Food cannot touch

Or it's contaminated.

12. Your mom probably had to cook your meal separate from everybody else’s

I like my food like this while everyone else likes there's like this.

13. You know you can always count on chicken fingers

You can't mess those up!

14. You always stick to the same old order

It's just easier that way.

15. Things may taste good but if their texture is off then it’s a no go

It was just too slimy

16. When people order something you wouldn’t eat you’re just like