1. Mini Golf

This is an activity I suggest doing in the evening with a small group of friends on a nice summer day.

2. Fires

Late nights sitting just talking about life with some good friends... I don't see anything better than this!

3. Ice Cream Dates

Who doesn't like ice cream, and Martha's is definitely the number one ice cream place in Lake George.

4. Boating

A good time to just relax with some good music and get a nice tan on the lake!

5. Lake/Beach Days

Who doesn't like sitting on the beach all day just looking at the lake?

6. Thursday Night Fireworks

A great night to walk to strip with good friends and meet up with old friends you haven't seen in a while and watch some great fireworks.

7. Hiking

Who doesn't want to climb a mountain and look at an amazing view and even get an Instagram picture while doing it?

8. Kayaking

Who doesn't love to be on the lake yakin' looking at the beautiful views?

9. Pool Days

The perfect day to sit around and have a couple drinks by the pool with some friends and family! Or even float in the pool catching some sun!

10. The Fair

It's something you absolutely can't wait for, but at the same time, you can, because it means summer is coming to an end!

11. Dirt Track Races

If you don't mind getting a little dirt on you, then this is the place for you!

12. Track Days

A good day to just sit at the horse track and gamble all your money away, but at least you look good while doing it!

13. Concerts

Everyone looks forward to SPAC's website to tell us concert lineups so we can text our friends to make plans for concerts! Meeting up with old friends and meeting new friends while having a good time listening to your favorite songs!

14. Vacations

OCEAN... Need I say more?

15. Road Trips

Just driving around and looking at different views and historical things you might not see on a regular basis.

16. Camping

Tents, fires, cold drinks, and good friends... Name something better than this - I bet you can't!