1. Do Live in the moment

It may sound cliché, but don’t just take snapchats of once in a lifetime moments; actually look out and enjoy the view.

2. Don't get into a political argument

These days, America seems to be divided. Respect other peoples opinions, and learn to respect your differences. It's not worth it.

3. Do carve out time for yourself

We get so wrapped up in our busy lifestyles, that we often don’t have time for ourselves. Carve out one hour a week for yourself. Read a book. Take a nap. Go for a walk. Just be you.

4. Don't be on your phone in a restaurant

You’ve seen that family who is silently eating and not talking to one another all staring at their smartphones in a restaurant. Maybe you even are that family. Treasure the time you have with family and friends; and for God's sake have a real conversation!

5. Do get a pet

Just admit it. Life is better with a companion.

6. Don't rush things

Aniekee Ezekiel once said, "To rush is to miss the experience." Slow down, take a deep breath, and think before you act.

7. Do keep organized

I've found when things in my life are clean, I am happier. When things are a mess, I feel anxious. You can improve your mood by just keeping your room, bag, or even desk tidy and neat.

8. Don't rely on others

The only person you can truly trust to do exactly as you wish is yourself.

9. Do get involved

Whether it’s a sport, club, or organization, doing something keeps you busy and gives your life a purpose.

10. Don’t procrastinate

Just don’t do it. We've all been in the situation where you are drowning in caffeine at 3 am trying to finish a deadline due in 5 hours. Don't put yourself in that situation. Plan ahead.

11. Do find music you enjoy

There is nothing better than driving with the windows down blasting your favorite tune., Find your genre, and roll with it.

12. Don't stereotype

We live in a world where people judge you the second they get a glimpse at you. Have an open mind when meeting people; you'll never get anywhere if you think something that’s not necessarily true.

13. Do say I Love You

You never know when you'll see your family and friends again.

14. Don't make a decision you'll regret

Your future self will thank you.

15. Do eat that slice of chocolate cake

Enjoy the little things.

16. Don't hold grudges

Live and forgive.