15 Times Your Bada** Nails Were More A** Than Bada**

So fine, so sleek, so posh, so... inconvenient? Goodness do i love having my nails all done up, i feel like my best self, but there are definitely a few things i wish didnt come along with my full set. Here are a few things that make your Bada** nails a little less Bada** and a lot more a**.

1. Trying to wash your hair

Anyone who has ever had acrylics knows the cringy feeling of a hair slipping up under your acrylics while scrubbing your mane.

2. Itching literally anything

The problem is they don't ever ~actually~ get the itch. Usually, it is in a panic and you grab the closest item that has any sort of edge

3. Getting something out of your teeth

They can't seem to get into the spaces between your tooth. Sorry, but the spinach is going to have to stay unless someone else wants to get it out.

4. Popping a pimple

I know you're not supposed to pop them, but we all do. and with these honkers on, its far from satisfying, mostly because it's impossible.

5. Buttoning your pants

This takes three times as long with acrylics, don't @ me. I promise I didn't get lost, I just couldn't button my pants.

6. Typing on your phone

*tip tip tip tap tippity tap tap tap* *backspace backspace* "Oh forget it. Hey Siri, call Mom"

7. Opening a can

The feeling of panic when you hear a pop and you're not sure if it was the pop tab or your pointer fingernail.

8. Pressing any buttons

Truly this is just the worst. Your wrist is in a funky spot and you're trying to flatten the entire pad of your finger to press it.

9. Going about daily tasks

I mean just in general having an extension to your body is something you have to adjust to.

10. You are now queen of scratching everyone’s back

Everyone and I mean everyone now wants you to scratch their back or tickle their arm with those magical scratching finger extensions.

11. Picking up change

Honestly just don't even try.

12. Putting in contacts

It's a pretty realistic question to ask your self whether you want to see today or whether you're feeling popping your eye out of socket trying to get your contact in.

13. Trying to get your card out of your wallet

Again, not worth it. You don't need the latte, you'll be fine. No cash? No spending.

14. Putting on a necklace is truly a joke

My sisters are my saving grace on this one, but if we all have acrylics, we're in trouble.

15. Trying to type this article

A listicle that usually would've taken about 30 minutes to type took quite a bit longer. Thank goodness for Grammarly knowing what I was trying to say or else we would've been here till tomorrow.

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