For some of us undergraduate students, we are winding down and finishing up our research projects for the semester. Now performing research is one of the most grueling things a person can do and cause a lot of stress, so I listed a few of the thoughts a person has when performing research.

1. “Please tell me we won’t actually have to perform research.”

The small hope that maybe, just maybe we won’t have to actually go through all of this stress.

2. “Oh God, I have to work with people on this project.”

An introvert’s worst nightmare, come to life.

3. “Great, now I have to come up with an idea.”

No, you can’t just leave this up to your research partners. You have to come up with some ideas as well.

4. “There are so many other things I would rather be doing, like playing video games. Wait, can I have my project be having participants playing video games?

You think of everything you would rather be doing and then try and involve them in your project in an effort to still be able to do them.

5. “Who can I rope into participating in this for me?”

You inevitably start to think of all the people you might be able to get to participate.

6. “What can I bribe my roommate with in order to get her to help me out?”

Yes, bribery is an option. And when it comes to research, it is allowed.

7. “Wait do I actually have to analyze this data? I don’t actually know how to do that. Can I fake it?”

You’re never actually completely sure how you are supposed to analyze your data, but you figure if you wing it then everything should be fine.

8. “Would it be worth it if I smashed this machine with my golf clubs?”

Of course, whatever system you are using is going to cause you to wonder if it would be worth breaking several thousand dollars worth of equipment out of frustration. After looking up the price of said equipment, no. It is not.

9. “Where did these numbers come from?”

I still don’t know the answer to this…

10. “Sleep is for the weak.”

Is what you tell yourself after numerous late nights working on this project.

11. “Where is the coffee?”

This starts being the first and last thoughts of your day.

12. “Can this project spontaneously combust already?”

Unfortunately, it will not.

13. “Which group is this person in?”

I don’t even know anymore.

14. “This is how I’ll die. This project was brought into existence for the sole purpose of murdering me.”

Calm down, kid. This project is not going to kill you.

15. “Look! My baby is finished! Isn’t he precious?”

Somehow, the thing you hated most in the world has now become your child. It makes sense, actually.

Believe it or not, some people actually enjoy performing research and do it every day for a living. I have to say, respect to them. I can barely manage to do this for a semester let alone for a lifetime.