As the days of summer begin to wind down, it only means one thing for students—the beginning of the school year is rapidly approaching. During this time of year, there are many emotions that you are likely feeling as you prepare to get back into the routine of having school everyday. Chances are that while you are sad that the endless days of fun in the sun are ending, you might be happy to get back into the classroom, too. Here are fifteen thoughts you have everyday at the end of the summer:

1. “How did this summer go so fast?”

Seriously, it goes by more quickly every year.

2. “I feel like it was just June.”

3. “Why can’t the school year go this fast?”

4. “I guess I should start getting my stuff ready for school.”

Probably a good time to start ordering books… and getting notebooks… and a planner… and… well, really everything.

5. “Maybe I should start setting my alarm to get used to waking up earlier.”

Or, on second thought, that can probably wait.

6. “I am so unprepared to go back to start classes again.”

7. “At least I get to see my friends every day again.”

8. “And I guess I’m kind of excited for fall.”

But that’s really it.

9. “WHY?!”

10. “I’m already getting stressed about the stress I am going to have.”

11. “I wonder how long it will be until I get to go to the beach again?”


12. “Better start saving up money for coffee now.”

13. “When is my first day off?”

14. “I can’t wait for winter break.”

15. “How many days until next summer?!?!”