We are finally approaching the end of the spring semester! As exciting as this time of the year is knowing that summer is getting nearer everyday, it can also be incredibly stressful. All your professors are piling up work, and finals are right around the corner. If you are in this situation like so many others, there are many thoughts you probably have that you do not even realize nearly everyone around you is having too. Here are fifteen thoughts you have everyday at the end of the semester:

1) “Only a few more weeks!”

2) “I can do this!”

3) “I wonder exactly how much longer it is until I’m done?”

Clearly very important information.

4) “Well, it’s eight days, five hours, thirty four minutes and twenty seconds to be exact, you know, if anyone’s counting.”

5) “Okay, so I have three exams, two papers, and a presentation all due within the next week, obviously I have all the time in the world to get it all done.”

6) “Yeah, right, who am I kidding?”

Ha, ha, ha.

7) “I do not remember it being this bad last semester.”

8) “Or do I? Maybe I blocked it out of my mind.”

9) “Why does everyone else seem so calm?”

10) “I mean, I cannot be the only one with all this work.”

11) “I think I’m going to watch a movie tonight. I deserve it.”

12) “Great, now I’ve wasted more time.”

13) “I really need to focus.”

Much easier said than done.

14) “What would happen if I missed one class?”

At least I would have time to get some of my work done.

15) “Summer cannot come soon enough.”