Florida is one of those states that everyone loves to come to vacation in. We've got sunshine all year round, beautiful beaches, and many tourist-y attractions. I mean, who wouldn't want to come here? Yes, the tourists bring the money in and it's great to see everyone so happy and tan when they come to visit, but the people of Florida have some things that they would like the visitors to know. We just want to warn you of the dangers and also tell you the dos and don'ts, plus it'll make our lives a lot easier.

Here is a compiled list of 15 things to be aware of if you're not a Florida resident:

1. Do NOT feed the alligators

2. And since we're on the subject of alligators, we do not ride them to school or use them as any mode of transportation no matter how interesting that would be to see

3. There's a chance a palm frond will fall on you as you're walking underneath the palm trees

4. Learn. To. Drive.

5. Pub Subs are God's gift to the world. Don't treat it like it's any less

6. If you're a spring breaker, please clean up after yourselves when using our beaches

7. When it drops below 80, people break out the Uggs and scarves. It's a thing. They aren't used to the "cold" weather. Just observe and mock in private.

8. It's completely normal to see a snake, gecko, or any other type of reptile passing by you as you go about your day.

9. Reptiles are cold-blooded (ectothermic, to be exact). If you spot one running around your home/hotel, turn the AC up and they’ll be slower and easier to catch. Cats work pretty well too.

10. Our Florida orange juice selection in grocery stores is pretty impressive, we know. But please don’t take pictures in front of them.

11. Bring sunscreen and lots of it.

12. Buy a sunshade for your car on your way down here. Yes, it still gets pretty hot in the winter.

13. Hawaiin shirts are not cool.

14. Don't mess with the locals.

15. For the love of God, please be a snowbird somewhere else and stop flooding our streets and causing accidents and yelling at millennials.

Thank you, have a good day.