Ah, the life of an INFJ.

I use to be ashamed of how shy and quiet I was. I'd deny it whenever someone pointed it out, and I remember desperately trying to rid myself of the title so many times.


But, as I've come to learn and accept, I'm an introvert at heart. Sure, I can talk to people. To strangers. Heck, I'm a sales associate and a student journalist! I literally talk to people for a living.

That being said, I'm still most comfortable with my friends and family (aka people I let into my circle).

So, fellow introverts alike, here are 15 things you and I can probably heavily relate on a spiritual level:

1. Getting social anxiety every time you need to meet someone new

Literally me everytime I have to meet one of my friends’ friends or their parents.

2. Getting social anxiety in big, group settings

Aka parties, group outings, friends’ family gatherings, etc.

3. Being afraid to present

I’m sure we all hate to present, but us introverts? Hate it even more.

4. Being afraid to simply tell the class your name and a fun fact about you on the first day of school

Real talk.

5. When you have a resting b*tch face AND you’re shy so everyone thinks you’re mean when you’re actually a really nice person

The struggle is REAL. I’m not, y’all! I promise!

6. Overthinking and overanalyzing everything

Me, me, me.

7. Planning a conversation you’re about to have with someone in your head before you have it

This might just be me… but I personally think it helps.

8. Making as little eye contact as possible with people

I avoid it like the plague.

9. Preferring to stay in rather than go out

Almost always.

10. Canceling plans because of your social anxiety

I’m not ashamed to say I have done this more than once in my life.

11. Your ideal date is literally “Netflix and chill”

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather stay in and watch Netflix than go out on an extravagant (and most likely expensive) date. Just sayin’.

12. Having a question to ask a sales associate but being too scared to ask them

"Hi, yes, I need help reaching that top up there but I'm too scared to bother you."

13. When you finally decide to talk and everyone ignores you

This is why I'm an introvert.

14. When you're quiet because you're annoyed, tired, hungry, etc., but people think it's because you're just shy

Actually, Becky, I'm not talking to you because you're annoying AF. Next!

15. People thinking it's funny to point out your shyness

It makes it a hundred times worse. I'm fully aware of how shy and quiet I am. You don't have to remind me.