I’ve had long hair my entire life (except that one time in the fourth grade I chopped it all off and instantly regretted it). I absolutely love having long hair, but it definitely comes with some struggles. Here is just a handful of the daily struggle that comes along with having long hair.

1. Wind destroying your hair

This is long hairs worst enemy. I don’t know what kind of reality models live in with their long hair blowing beautifully in the wind, but my hair in the wind looks like I got attacked by a bird trying to build a nest on my head.

2. Hair ties constantly breaking

When you want a hair tie seventy-five percent of the time you don’t have it, and when you do have it, it ends up breaking while you attempt to pull up your hair.

3. Buns are impossible

Not only will the hair tie most likely break (see #2), your bun will look like some kind weird mess a top your head.

4. Hair getting on everything

I’ve had boyfriends tell me they’ve found my hair on a couch at their parents house which I hadn’t been to in like over a month.

5. Brushing your hair is a process

Getting all the knots out of your hair is a struggle, plus if you were in the wind then you are going to have a real good time (and by real good time I mean nearly crying trying to get a comb through your hair).

6. Helmets, and hats are also long hairs enemy

Those commercials where the girls take off a motorcycle helmet and their hair looks flawless must come from the same planet as the models with their hair blowing beautifully in the wind.

7. Doing any kind of hairstyle takes forever.

Curling my hair usually results in it falling flat before I even finish the second half of my head.

8. Shower drains clogging

My shower drain back at home does not stand a chance (considering my twin and I both have really long hair it inevitable gets clogged every six months or so).

9. Panicking at the amount of hair that falls off your head

I ran my hands through my hair the other day and ended up with a palm full of hair (after a solid five minutes of panicking I decided its just long hair problems).

10. Butt crack hairs

This may be a little to much information for some of you but seriously the amount of hair I find in my butt crack while showering is not okay.

11. Having your hair get stuck in lipstick

Fresh lipstick will inevitably be ruined by your hair getting stuck in it.

12. Getting Whipped by your Ponytail

Running with a ponytail will whip you in the face and you can’t put into a bun so you are kind of just stuck.

13. Hair getting stuck in your jacket zipper

Every time you zip your jacket you will rip out half your hair guaranteed.

14. Rolling your hair up in the window

This needs no more explanation.

15. When people ask why you don’t just cut your hair if it’s so troublesome

Because my hair is beautiful, and I’d look like a fool with short hair (no shade against people with short hair, but I look terrible with short hair). If I could pull of short hair I totally would.