Ah freshman year…..

There is so much wisdom to be discovered during your freshman year. It’s so bright and shiny new; you can’t help but wander around in awe and confusion, like a typical freshman. As I scroll through my newsfeed, I read about the things that people learned during their freshman year: how to achieve srat style, how to find life-long friendships, how to dodge the freshman 15 (or recover from it), etc. Where is the fun in that? Even though I learned many crucial life lessons in college, like time management and evading procrastination, there is more I haven’t learned. In honor of the year that cannot end soon enough, here are the 15 things I didn’t learn, but probably should have, my freshman year:

  1. How calculus will help me as a fashion major or in life.
  2. How to cope with the Math Empo (it will never end).
  3. How to let go of fuck bois (and probably never will, to be honest).
  4. How to not be a fuck boi (read comment for #3).
  5. How to party on a Thursday and make it to my 8 am the next day.
  6. How not to get caught partying in my dorm.
  7. How to balance a check book (but I CAN do my taxes now).
  8. How to fully adult.
  9. How to not get lost on the BT transit.
  10. How to go to the gym every day.
  11. How to not be petty.
  12. Anything from Astronomy class (sorry, Professor).
  13. Who I am as a person.
  14. What I want to do with my life
  15. How to become a stripper in order to drop out of college.

Freshman year: it's been real, but good riddance.