15 Stages Of Being Obsessed With A Song

We have all experienced that moment of bliss when listening to some new tunes. It seems to be a cycle, a rotation of music, and maybe there are a couple songs that really catch your attention, but there's one that speaks to you on another level. Here's how that works for some people.

1. Hear it for the first time

Wow, that's really good. But I forgot to look it up and now I don't remember enough to find it.

2. Hear it somewhere else

Okay, I have to find out what this is called.

3. Find the name of the song

I found it! It has a name!

4. Search it and listen again

I`m just going to give it another listen since it`s pulled up.

5. Then five more times

Or maybe a few more than just five...

6. Buy the song/add it to your playlist

I have to have it!

7. Listen to it on repeat

I'm just going to listen while I sleep, and I still won't get tired of it.

8. Tell your friends

Have you guys heard of ______?

9. Make them listen to it

Well you're going to hear it now.

10. Use the lyrics on social media because you relate so much

Is Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook too much?

11. Annoy friends with how much you listen to it

My car, my jams.

12. Get them addicted to the song

I can see you singing along. I knew you`d come around.

13. Listen to it once a day instead of 20+ times

Now that I have it memorized I don't see why I would need to hear it again today when I can sing to myself.

14. Hear it on the radio and change the station looking for something new

I remember when I thought this song was one that wouldn't ever get old.

15. Repeat the process when you hear another song that catches your attention

Wait, go back! What's that song?

The steps may not be this extensive or maybe they are more so for some. When a song catches your attention like this I say keep listening to it, and when you think its been long enough, bring it back and see how you like it down the road.

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