I've been wanting to be a Marine Biologist since the ripe age of seven years old and now I get the opportunity to finally get a degree in what I love most. Throughout my first couple of weeks at my new school, I've noticed a pattern that was distinguishable only to the Marine Bio community. Here are the tell-tale signs that you might be a marine biologist.

1. You've probably either worn/seen these at least once.

If Marine Biology was a footwear company, they'd be selling a bunch of these... and you know it.

2. You dream about studying in Florida/Hawaii/Anythingtropicalopolis

This is the wet dream you've always thought about. This is really why you do this, come on now.

3. Your professors, for the most part, have pretty awesome stories to tell

Marine Bio Professors are pretty cool and have awesome stories to tell, like a box jelly sting to the face (ouch!)

4. You swear... A LOT and that's okay

We curse a lot. More than we need to and honestly that's okay.

5. Taxonomy is a nightmare

Carcharidon carcharias isn't as easy as memorizing Great White Shark.

6. Khakis (preferably shorts) are your best friend

You may or may not wear them now but they're coming for ya, just you wait.

7. Water shooooooes

Not everyone has them, but damn do they help.

8. Undergrad is a real Drag

Marine Biology is prerequisite heavy. You take just about everything. Chem, Bio, Physics etc. You probably won't even touch Marine Bio until about your Junior Year depending on where you go.

9. Fish aren't always your friends.

Image result for fish memes

They bite, wrestle, and want nothing to do with you regardless of our valiant efforts to save mass populations of them.

10. Everything is expensive

Dive gear, books, dive trips, internships = $$$$$$

11. "Meh. I'm not gonna make much money anyway."

We get it. We won't make much and we accept that. We wouldn't want to do anything else, to be honest.


Boats.... that is all.

13. You've accidentally gone on long dives with less than a quarter tank of air.

We can clearly see something wrong with this part of the list. You've most likely never done this. I have. Don't do this :)


Image result for expensive memes

$7500 for a marine ecology class in FIJI....... yeah.

15. You love what you do. Regardless of pay.

Marine Biology is always worth it if you get to wake up every day to do what you love.