As much as I have loved my time in the city during the school year, I have found myself looking forward to spending a week in the mountains even more than I usually do. From the sound of the tiniest stream trickling through the woods to the roar of waterfalls cascading over rocks, I am truly amazed at the beauty of nature every time I visit. Here are just a few reasons why vacations in the mountains are the best vacations that a person can take.

1. Feeling the mist of the waterfalls

Dry Falls in Highlands, NC.

2. The way that the light catches the flowing water

I mean, just look at that.

3. Being surrounded by forest

4. Driving the curvy roads

5. The old country stores

Sunrise Grocery in Blairsville, GA.

6. The wildflowers during the summer

7. The colorful leaves during the fall

Anna Ruby Falls State Park in Helen, GA

8. The stillness of the lakes

Vogel State Park in Blairsville, GA

9. The soothing sound of the streams

Anna Ruby Falls State Park in Helen, GA

10. Breathing the crisp, fresh air

11. Nature's beauty is always present, even in destruction

12. The farmer's markets

So many colors.

13. Reading a book outside without city noise in the background

14. The sunsets

15. All of the picturesque scenery one could ever want

Writing this article made me want to find a secluded cabin and spend all of my days among the mountains even more than I usually do. I cannot wait to reconnect with nature after having been in the city for so long, and I am sure I will accomplish that.