Today as I was walking to class thinking about my test, my mind began to flood with happy things. The stress that I was thinking about in my life was gone. As I began to go through all the things that were beautiful around me, I began to feel more relaxed and happier. I hope that whomever is reading this post is happy and reads this list and is even more happy than before. If you are someone who is going through something difficult and are in need of some happiness, then this list is for you. Enjoy!

1. The warmth the sun casts on my face. It reminds me of sitting in a beach chair and having the ocean rush up against my feet. It reminds me of when I was little and would lay on my driveway and watch the clouds pass by.

2. The trees moving in the wind. It reminds me of how easily we can be moved. How easily life can be changed with one single breathe and movement.

3. That one song that makes you feel at home. It takes me back to where I belong. It reminds me of who I am and who I am yet to become.

4. A cold drink of water after a hot day. It reminds me of how alive I am. How I can't survive on my own, but I must rely on others too, like water.

5. Making someone smile. I absolutely love making people smile. I love when I can feel the smile that they are smiling. It makes my heart fill with love and makes me smile back.

6. Tulips. I like tulips. They remind me of spring and how the year is changing. They also remind me of how the seasons change and how there is only a moment to live this life just like a tulips's life. Life passes by so quickly that sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers.

7. Hugs. Not wimpy hugs that mean nothing, the kind that you give to people you don't know very well. The strong bear hugs that mean the world. It's like you are taking over the world and protecting the person you're hugging from any harm that could come to them.

8. When people take the time to talk to you and mean it. Honestly, this makes me so happy. When I walk through campus and I see people having genuine conversations and actually caring what someone is saying to them makes my heart happy.

9. A warm bed. A soft, warm bed. When you are just so exhausted from what life has thrown you, you just melt into the sheets and the comforter. My bed is in the sun, so my bed is always warm and usually don't want me to leave in the morning.

10. Words. I love words, that's why I'm writing this article. I think words are the most powerful things in the world, right below action. Words can mean so much more than what they are for. Words and quotes are honestly my favorite things ever!

11. Curvy roads. Have you ever been driving and see that you're coming up to a curvy road and then the rest of the drive is all curves? I have and it makes me so happy. Curves on roads are honestly my favorite things on roads.

12. Little animals. Particularly, baby cows and baby ducks and baby pigs. I love baby animals. They are just so innocent and have so much to learn about the world.

13. Fresh pens. Sharp black pens. I love black pens. I used to hate writing with pens, but now I think my handwriting gets better with pen.

14. Speaking with your eyes. I love when you know someone so well that you know exactly what they're thinking when they look at you and they know what you're thinking too.

15. Unspoken love. I think that it is so interesting how many people care and love for you and you have no idea. This is something that I struggle with, but there are so many people that are there for me and you.

I hope that this list has made you think about some of the things that make you happy and make you have a better day. I encourage you to write your own list and to go back to them and think about if they really make you happy.