15 Easy New Years Resolutions For 2018

15 Easy New Years Resolutions For 2018

New Year, New You? Give some of these ideas a try to make small positive changes to your every day life!

It's that time of year again! It's time for a brand new year and new beginnings! Each year we set goals for ourselves that sometimes seem so far out of reach that we often give up after only a month or two. Dieting, exercising, and saving money are all pretty common but do we ever really achieve them they way we wanted to? Sure, maybe you lost some weight but not as much as you wanted to. Or maybe your goal was to save $2,000 and you only save $600. While those are amazing goals to have, I have compiled a list of smaller, achievable goals to make this year a great year!

1) Start a Budget.

There are many reasons people start budgets. To save money, to see where their money is going, and to just better organize their finances. Figure out what your money goal is and try setting a small budget for each month or week to track your spending. Limit yourself to buying coffee twice a week instead of everyday, or try buy off brand food at the store to save some money. Tracking your spending, even just for 6 months to a year can go a long way when trying to save up for a big purchase or to pay off debt.

2) $5 Shoebox (or Envelope)

This is one that I actually did this last year and saved almost $400! It's simple, every time you get a $5 bill, you put it in the box (or envelope) and don't spend it. You just keep adding to it. Another thing I do with this is in addition to $5 bills, at the end of each week I take all the $1 bills left over from change in my wallet and add it in the box too. You'd be surprised at how quickly it adds up!

3) Stop Drinking Soda!

It's literally that simple. Try it for a year. A single year without soda! It forces you to drink more water and it even saves you some money when you go to restaurants. It's been 4 years without soda for me and I certainly don't miss it!

4) Find a Good Skin Care/Face Wash Routine

It may sound a little silly, but your face will thank you years from now. A great moisturizer is a life saver and will make you feel so much better! Find a product and brand that you like and it's worth it to spend a little extra money on something you love! Set a morning and night routine that will keep your face soft and fresh. (Extra Tip: Make a point to always take your make up off and clean your face good afterwards, again your face with thank you!)

5) Read Books

Pick a new book to read each month. If you've never read Harry Potter, thats 7 books and 7 months already planned for! Reading allows you to have some time to relax, so pick some books and enjoy the read!

6) Take Weekly Walks

When it's warm outside make it a point to take 20-30 minute walks a few times a week. Get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery.

7) Posting Positive Messages

Do yourself a favor and set a goal to not post anything negative on social media! Keep your complaints to yourself and add some good stories and comments to your newsfeed! Especially with Facebook Memories and Time Hop its hard to look back a read all the bad things you have posted in the past!

8) Reach Out To Old Friends

Oftentimes we get so busy in life that we lose touch with people who used to be so important to us. Make it a point to reach out to someone and make plans! Even if you meet up 2 or 3 times a year, you both will appreciate the time spent together so much more than a Facebook post!

9) Eat Breakfast Everyday

Another very silly goal, but you will feel so much better throughout the day after eating a nice breakfast. Pre-made smoothies, oatmeal, and eggs are very quick and easy options in the morning and your body will thank you!

10) Self Care (Make Time For Yourself)

Take baths, use face masks, and just take some time for yourself! Make sure you spend some time each week just doing something small. Paint your nails, go sit at Starbucks and listen to some music, write in a journal, whatever it is that helps you unwind. It's so important for your mental health to take some time to yourself.

11) Getting Rid of Excess

This can be anything! Old clothes, or movies and books. This can even mean people and responsibilities. Get rid of things that are holding you back and slowing you down. Do you really need to go to book club every week for a book you're pretending to read because you're too busy doing everything else? Do you really need all 5 of your credit cards even though you only use 3 of them? When was the last time you wore that jacket? Get rid of it and cut it out!

12) Volunteer or Donate!

This goal can be a weekly, monthly, or even a one time thing. Find a place or organization that you can get involved in and help out! Find a cause and donate money. Find something you love and do what you can to make a difference, whether it be with animals, kids, or senior citizens.

13) Try New Hobbies

Make a list at the beginning of the year of things you would love to try! Learn how to plan an instrument, take a pottery class, cooking, join yoga! Just make a list and try something new each month! Find some friends to do it with you or make new friends as you go! Allow yourself to enjoy all the things life has to offer and take any opportunity you have to try something new!

14) Get Organized!

Spend the first week or two of the new year organizing your life. Organize your room and clean your car! Get a planner to help keep yourself on track with bills, assignments, and work. Even if your organization is very basic, you will feel so much better about having a place for everything and it will make life easier as the year goes on.


I can't stress this enough! It is so easy to let life knock us down. We all go through rough patches for many different reasons. Try to remember each day the things you are thankful for and why you keep striving every day. Practice healthy self-talk and surround yourself with people who support you and will get you though those hard days. Staying positive and having a good outlook on anything (even failure of all of the above resolutions) will make this upcoming year a great one!

Good luck with these resolutions and maybe the ones you have for yourself! Pick a few that are the best fit for you and go with it. Also, remember that it's okay to fail! Don't beat yourself up for having a soda when you've already finished 7 books by April and volunteer at the animal shelter once a week! Find your groove and stick to it! I wish nothing but the very best for the upcoming New Year!

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15 Things You Need In Your Bag To Survive Rush In ~Prime~ Southern Heat

With rush applications opening up soon, here is a cheat sheet of the top 15 things you must have in your bag.

Rush is speed dating, but for a sisterhood. Yes, the rumors are true it gets hot and humid and the bipolar weather is in full swing during August. Allow yourself to enjoy this week as stress-free as possible.

Here are my 15 Top items to put in you rush bag for each day.

1. Water & Snacks

This is the longest and hottest week of summer. You do have lunch breaks, but you will need much more than that to survive without passing out. Bring small snacks with substance, like granola or peanut butter crackers. Bring one or two water bottles.

Pro Tip: Freeze one so by the time you are done with your first water bottle, you will have a nice, cold water once it melts.

2. Mints/Gum

You are jumping from party to party, house to house, non-stop talking. For your sake, and the sorority girl’s sake, bring something to pop in your mouth, in between parties.

Pro Tip: Girls in your rush group are going to see you pull out the gum/mints, and they will ask for one. Get a master pack from Costco or Sams. The more-the-merrier.

3. Deodorant

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. It gets over 90 degrees, plus humidity. You are gonna sweat.

Pro Tip: Get a gel-based deodorant. Normal sticks will melt in the southern sun. You are going to have to reapply throughout the day, so make sure you are prepared with a stick that will not melt while you are in a house.

4. Hairbrush

Even Southern Belles’ hair does not do any well in high humidity. Hair gets stringy, sweaty, frizzy, and gross. A hairbrush helps. Bring one.

5. Hair Spray & Dry Shampoo/Baby Powder

Hairspray to keep flyaways, and frizz down. Dry shampoo to help with grease and sweat, outdoor smells.

Pro Tip: Baby powder is a light alternative to dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is great, but after 3 reapplies to your hair, it starts to get kind of heavy. Baby powder absorbs and helps freshen up.

6. Touch-Up Makeup

You will sweat it all off. No setting spray is strong enough to fix that. Ultimately it is up to each you what kind of touch-up makeup you need to bring. Every woman’s face is different. Here is a small list of ideas: concealer, powder, blush, mascara, & lipstick (lipgloss is a no-go. Wind + Hair + Lipgloss = Disaster)

Pro Tip: See how your face reacts with sweat. Practice your rush makeup while laying out. Figure out what brands work best, and what you will need to reapply.

7. Oil Blotting Sheets

Depending on your skin, you may have a very oily complexion, or maybe not. Either way, oil blotting sheets helps absorb oil, sweat, and gives you a fresher feel.

Pro Tip: Buy these BEFORE moving into college. Every single store will be out of them during rush week.

8. Lotion

You are sweating, you feel gross, and all you want is a shower. Bring your favorite lotion to be your shower on the go. Also, no one deserves ashy knees during rush week.

Pro Tip: Choose a lotion scent that it light. Do not grab the super perfumed blast. If every girl going through rush had a strong sent on, everyone would have a miserable headache.
Pro Tip: Bring Advil or some kind of headache relief. Just in case you do have someone in your group who decides to have the strongest scent.

9. Fan

Bring one. That is all.

Pro Tip: Bring an extra set of batteries if they need them.

10. Comfy Shoes

During your lunch break or voting, the last thing you will want to be in are those horrible, yet adorable, shoes. Bring a pair of shoes that make your feet happy.

Pro Tip: Bring band-aids for those unfortunate events of blisters. I have scars on my feet from blisters. Save yourself. #LoveYourFeet

11. Nike Shorts

No one wants to see your underwear. Yet, we all want to sprawl across the grass. Bring Nike shorts, or Nike Pros to throw on during breaks. Allow yourself the freedom of sitting unladylike in a dress.

12. Rain Jacket

Whether the weather calls for rain or shine, bring a rain jacket. You can sit in it, use it as a pillow if it rains you are dry. There is literally no downfall of having one.

13. Pad & Pen

You will need to make notes on which houses you like, or do not like. Maybe you want to remember who you talked to, or what you talked about. Most schools give you a rush booklet, but bring something just in case.

14. Tampons

Mother Nature is a cure and unpredictable b****. Even if you are not scheduled to have your period during this week, something may change, or you can save another girls life when she is not prepared. #InstantFriendship

15. A Bomb Playlist

Rush can be draining physically, and emotionally. Sometimes all you need is a good pick-me-up song. Create a playlist of your favorite jams.

Pro Tip: Bring headphones. Your jams may not be the girl’s jams sitting next to you.

Thrive on!


Cover Image Credit: Lily Prater

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Nothing But The 15 Most Essential Summer Bucket List Items Of All Time

You can't beat these ideas.

Life's fast, and we don't typically take the time to make bucket lists anymore. Everyone should have a lifetime bucket list, but in case you didn't here's one for starters.

From the second you step out of high school or college for the summer, or maybe even work — this bucket list starts.

1. Go somewhere you've never been before

First and foremost, you should always go to a new place every summer. Whether it's a town an hour away or a new country. New experiences are everything.

2. Try out new restaurants

Too many people dislike change, meaning people don't try new things... trying a new place to eat could make all the difference to you and to the restaurant! You'll never know until you try it!

3. Lay in the bed of a truck with a blanket and look up at the stars

If you haven't done this yet... git 'er done.

4. Go to a waterpark

At least once.

5. Go hiking

Take some pictures while you're at it.

6. Set and achieve a goal of drinking a gallon of water a day

You can't go hiking if you aren't healthy!

7. Run a 5k

Run it for fun, or for a good cause! No matter what it will be fun; even if you walk it.

8. Try a food that you've always thought you hated

You never know, your taste buds could have changed over time!

9. Go skydiving

Even if you're afraid of heights! You only live once, do it!

10. Change your hair color/hairstyle

It'll grow back! Do something fun. Cut your hair to your shoulders or dye it bleach blonde! The opportunities are endless.

11. Visit all 50 states

Or, as many as you can! Buy a map and find a creative way to mark where you have been!

12. Meet a famous person

Whether its an athlete or an artist, make an effort to meet a famous person! It may be courtside or backstage, but no matter what it would be awesome!

13. Take a cruise

A cruise is a once in a lifetime experience for some, so if you get the chance; take it!

14. Take a biking trip

Around Hawaii, if you can afford it! But it could be around somewhere as simple as your hometown.

15. Go to the beach

You, me and vitamin sea!

You could (and should) lengthen this list. Take this list, expand it and capture all of your memories! Find a couple of friends to complete this list with you, it will help you build lifelong friendships and amazing memories!

Cover Image Credit: Macey Mullins

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