14 Times London Tipton Described Dating For Millennials

14 Times London Tipton Described Dating For Millennials

Hi, you don't know me, but we're gonna be married.

Dating as a millennial is either really easy or really complicated. Some meet the perfect person in high school and they just do life with them forever: they go away to the same college, get a job in the same town, get married, buy a house together and eventually start a family. They'll never know the mid-to-late-twenties frantic search for a husband because they've been dating the same person since they were fifteen. For the other 98% of us, finding a soulmate is not that easy. Maybe we've broken up with our high school sweethearts or have just never found the right person, but it sure is complicated. Almost as complicated as the life of one specific heiress, the fictional London Tipton. London's life might have seemed easy, but she certainly enjoyed her fair share of drama. Here's fourteen times London Tipton accurately described millennial dating life.

1. The perfect stranger

On more than one occasion, I've seen someone repeatedly, either in a class or around town who was just irresistibly perfect: so perfect that I would marry them right there. In fact, I had multiple scenarios in my head that included me walking up and starting a conversation. This may have never actually happened, but oh well, a girl can dream right?

2. Seeing all of your friends in relationships

...and then wondering why you can't even get asked to go out on one nice coffee date. It could be a blind date or even a Tinder match at this point, I don't care. Girl's nights are getting boring with no guy stories to tell-- especially when all of your friends have at least one.

3. Meeting the single guy friends of your friends

You can't forget to not-so-subtly let them all know that you're available, especially that cute one who's BFF's with your BFFs' boyfriend! A match made in heaven, if I do say so myself!

4. Trudging back to your exes in defeat

Okay, we've all done it. We all have that one ex/old flame that just didn't work out, and we all will try to go back to them during a dry spell in the romance department. It's just a part of life, and your friends will all likely call you stupid. (But, they mean it in a loving way, and you know that!)

5. When you finally download Tinder and get Super Liked within the first 15 minutes

Yay! Some random guy within a 15-20 mile radius of you thinks you're attractive! Odds are, he'll never message you anyway and you'll be too scared to message him, so this won't really matter that much. On the bright side, it'll give your deflated ego a much needed boost.

6. Hearing about *all* of the presents your friend's boyfriends buy them...

...and then thinking to yourself that you'd never make a guy buy you all of these clothes and candles and accessories. A bouquet of flowers and a pizza would make you happy for like, three months. Where are all the guys looking for low maintenance girlfriends?

7. When you start to think your bad dating luck has to do with your physical attributes

To be honest, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Mr. Right will not care what you weigh, and he will make that clear from the second he meets you. Go for a jog, but only if you want to. Never let any guy tell you how you should look.

8. Finally getting asked on that coffee date

Okay, your friend set you up with one of the guys in her Bio lab, but it's fine, you're still getting a latte and get to look cute! Yay, you!

9. When your friends get skeptical about your scheduled meet up with a Tinder match

I mean, geez, can't they let you live a little? They go out on dates by themselves all of the time, what's the big deal about you finally doing your hair and leaving your room?

10. Not realizing he's just not that into you

You should be used to it by now, I mean the words "unrequited love" pretty much sum up the first few years of your dating life. This guy is different, however, and you really thought it would work out. Oh well, time to start swiping again!

11. After you discover your ex has moved on for good, and she's prettier than you

It can come as quite a shock, especially if they were your fallback option if you were to turn 28 and still be single. Let's face it, you thought that without you, they would be forever.

12. When you aim much too low-- and realize it

I mean, honestly, props to you for being able to decide what's good for you and what's not, especially in your state of loneliness.

13. Going on a date with that guy who's way too brainy

Intelligence is a good thing, but sometimes it's refreshing to have simple conversations, and this guy is clearly not capable of that. He reminds you of a robot.

14. When you finally remember there's nothing like your girlfriends

Sure, guys are cool and your friends all may have one right now, but that doesn't mean that a relationship or looking for one is more important than your friends. If you're feeling defeated, gather your best gals for a movie night with two men you all love: Ben and Jerry, and remember that you won't be alone forever. You're young, enjoy the single life and wait for the right person.

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Dealing With Homesickness While Living 561 Miles From Home

I consider myself to have 2 homes now. The first being my home in Maryland and my second being the College of Charleston. There's nowhere else I'd rather be studying and going to school but the doesn't mean I don't occasionally get homesick.


I was able to go home 2 times during the first semester and my mom and aunt had visited me once as well. This semester's a little different, we only have one break and I am not going home for it. It's going to have been 4 months without seeing my family, that's insane!!

I call my mom almost every night just to tell her about my day and hear about hers. We text occasionally but that call is the main time we're really able to visit each other. Each call is ended by my mom telling me how much she misses me. I even received a little "wish you were here" card from her this week.

My mom and I have both looked at flights for her to come visit, but we were unable to find a good time, so the reunion will have to wait! My dad is actually visiting next week because he's here for work, but we're making sure to plan some fun stuff in his free time.

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