14 Times Blair And Chuck Made Us Believe In Love Again

14 Times Blair And Chuck Made Us Believe In Love Again

In the face of true love, you don't just give up. Even if the object of your affection is begging you to.

Lovers of Gossip Girl may often argue over their favorite character, favorite episode or even their favorite villain, but everyone has the same favorite couple: Chuck and Blair. (Sorry, Dan and Serena, your feelings for each other were just too all over the place for most of the series to compete with Blair and Chuck.) The two started off as almost friends and ended up so deeply in love it could make anyone cry a little. Through every hardship that came their way, they were evidently able to fight through it no matter how long it took and they also wound up together forever in the end, which made every fan's heart happy. Though their relationship had many imperfect moments, it also had a number of perfect ones to override the negative. Here's xx times Blair and Chuck made us believe in love again.

1. Blair's Not-So-Awful-Afterall Birthday

Chuck turns Blair's awful 17th birthday around by surprising her with the jewelry that she thought Nate would be bringing to her party and comforting her after he didn't show up.

2. "Because I love you"

The heart wrenching moment when Blair finally confessed her love for Chuck on the day of Bart Bass' funeral, only to be shot down. She still patiently waited for him to be ready to admit his feelings.

3. The scary times.

Let's not forget that Blair convinced Chuck not to jump off of the building, ignoring every awful thing he said to her after losing his father, and told him again that she would be there for him no matter what.

4. Sorry, Nelly Yuki.

When Chuck cast a mass amount of ballots for Blair so she would win Prom Queen over Nelly Yuki, who attempted to rig the voting, even though she was there with Nate instead. Don't forget that Chuck also made sure that every detail from Blair's childhood prom scrapbook was complete.

5. A risk at public humiliation.

Chuck pretty much confessed his love for Blair during his speech at his dad's wedding reception, not knowing what her response would be. I mean, he did stand her up later on, but it all ended up okay, right?

6. "I love you, too."

We all waited an entire two seasons for this one moment that we all knew would come eventually: the moment when Chuck finally says that he loves Blair, too. *swoons*

7. Choosing the train station.

After Blair had been swept off of her feet by Prince Louis, she chooses to go after Chuck at the train station in France over a romantic date with a prince and convince him to go back to New York instead of into hiding. The two may not have been together at the time, but that didn't mean Blair didn't care.

8. (Almost) choosing Chuck.

After Blair thinks that she would rather be with Chuck than Louis, the two run off together, crash a Bar Mitzvah, and Blair decides to leave Louis. Then, Chuck stops her, and tells her that he wants her to be happy. He then gives Louis and Blair his blessing, and leaves the couple alone after multiple attempts at sabotage.

9. The aftermath of the car accident.

Blair once again decides she wants to be with Chuck instead of marrying Louis, and they decide to run away together. Unfortunately, they get into an awful car accident, and Chuck nearly dies. Blair makes an attempt to save Chuck by promising God that she will honor her commitment to Louis, even if it means she has to live her entire life miserable.

10. Chuck's brave attempt.

Not knowing about Blair and the pact she made with God, Chuck shows up to her wedding to try to win her back.

11. Blair's wedding. *bawls*

GG fans can also agree that Blair made a huge mistake by marrying Louis, but we understand why she went through with it. Right before she marries Louis, she confesses to Chuck that she truly loves him.

12. Chuck's persistence and Blair's dedication.

After Blair and Louis divorce, Chuck decides to wait for Blair as long as it takes, but he starts to give up when she seems hard to get through to. Blair has a lot of feelings to figure out, but she eventually decides to go back to Chuck, which is where she belongs.

13. Their pact of perfection.

Blair and Chuck decide that they need to be successful on their own before pursuing their own relationship so that they can both be successful. While this delays them actually being together, it makes each of them the best version of themselves. How cute is that?

14. Happily Ever After (Finally).

Chuck and Blair finally get married in the very last episode of GG, and it's honestly probably the most beautiful moment of the entire show.

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