14 Thoughts You Have While Commuting To School

Whether you commute during the school year, or only for the summer, there are a lot of struggles that come with driving to school. If the drive is long like mine, there are many thoughts that pop into your head while your stuck driving 15 miles per hour under the speed limit behind a 16-wheeler truck. Here are a few thoughts you might have during this struggle.

1. "O.K. I'm making good time, not too bad."

2. "Is there really nothing on the radio right now?!"

3. "Why is it necessary to just swerve into my lane without even using your blinker?"

4. "I'm in the middle lane and going over the speed limit, it is not necessary to be right on my tail."

5. "Why is this drive so long? I should have gone to a closer school."

6. "Please, please, please don't let me get stuck in traffic."

7. "Can this semi-truck in front of me either go the speed limit or move to the right?"

8. "Oh shoot, I need to get over. That's my exit!!"

9. "Why did I never notice how funny that road name is?"

10. "I can name every single exit that is on this road."

11. "I am so close, there shouldn't be this many stop lights."

12. "That light was definitely still yellow when I went through it, right?"

13. "Now time to find a parking spot, or I can just drive around all day. That's cool too."

14. "Finally made it. Now time to run to class."

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