14 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have A Long Distance BFF This Christmas
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14 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have A Long Distance BFF This Christmas

It is the best ... and the worst.

14 Things You'll Only Understand If You Have A Long Distance BFF This Christmas
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Christmas shopping. All the coffee and hot cocoa. Girls' nights watching those incredibly sappy-but-adorable Hallmark Christmas movies. Holiday parties. Ice skating. Decorating. Christmas cookie baking. This time of year is for being with the people you love, and if you and you BFF are already in a long distance friendship, the holidays are going to make you wish for your favorite coffee-drinking, sass-talking, Christmas-shopping bestie even more. So, here are 14 things that you will only understand if you're in a long-distance best friendship this December, as told by a girl spending this holiday season far too many miles away from her best friends.

1. Going home for the holidays is at the top of your Christmas list.

Seriously, presents are great and all, but they're nothing compared to being able to talk for hours on end with your favorite person.

2. Rolling your eyes at cute holiday BFF pics on Instagram is the only reasonable reaction.

I mean they are basically just rubbing salt in your wound and reminding you how far away your bestie is. Besides, you know that if you and your BFF were together this Christmas, you would totally be winning at Instagram.

3. Giggling while you stare at your phone in public has become a normal part of life.

Haters can hate, but your best friend is HILARIOUS. And if the rest of the world understood how hilarious duct tape is, they would be laughing at that random snapchat too..

4. Adding holiday items to your long-standing BFF bucket list is a daily occurrence.

So you may not be together this holiday, but some day, you will be! And when you are, you are going to do all the adorable bestie things that you cannot do this year.

5. Being apart has made your friendship stronger.

Even though you hate being away from your best friend, you also can appreciate what distance has done for your friendship. You guys are stronger than ever, and that means you can get through anything.

6. Talking to you best friend is an obvious priority...because despite the distance, they are the one keeping you sane.

"Hey, are you going out this Friday?" "Nah, I've got a skype date with my best friend." Despite the weird looks you may get, its totally normally. Everybody else can just get over it.

7. Telling it like it is an understood part of your friendship

You know if you're off base, out of line, or the holidays are getting to you, your best friend is only a phone call away and will happily set you straight.

8. Supporting your crazy dreams is their area of expertise.

We all have moments of insanity where we make decisions that seem crazy to the rest of the world (especially in the midst of the holidays with friends and family constantly asking terrifying question like "what are you doing with your life?" and "are you seeing anyone?"), but our best friend is always there to support us. They want the best for us--even if it is going to take a crazy ride to get there.

9. Shopping always involves mass numbers of snapchats.

Because how could you possibly figure out what on earth to wear to that Christmas party or buy your aunt for Christmas without their input?

10. Counting down the days till your next visit makes you as impatient as the count down to Christmas day.

Both are important. Both are exciting. Both make you incredibly impatient.

11. Daydreaming about how you will celebrate the holidays together in the adorable apartment future-you-guys will share.

Because someday, it is going to happen, so you might as well be prepared, right?

12. Watching cute holiday movies occasionally leaves you feeling mildly depressed.

Nope, not because you want a dream hunk like the main guy (okay, well, maybe a little) but mostly, because it makes you miss watching them with your bestie.

13. Walking through life together, even when holiday seasons are less than perfect.

Some years, the holidays truly are times of laughter and joy, family, and hallmark-card worthy moments. Sometimes, they are filled with hard times. Either way, your long-distance bestie has your back, and you know, if you really need them, they'll be on their way to you in a New York minute.

14. Loving them forever and through everything.

Because they are your best friend, and nothing will ever change that.

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