If your family hails from the ancient Motherland that is Greece, chances are you have had, well, an eclectic upbringing to say the least.

Here is a list of 14 things that have probably happened to you while growing up in a Greek household:

1. Your Yiayia force-fed you spanakopita before you could even talk.

2. Speaking of Yiayias, there is nobody in this world who drives you crazier, but that you love more than her.

3. When "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" came out, your entire extended family took up the whole theater.

4. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" still gets quoted whenever your family gets together, despite it being 14 years old.

5. Greek Orthodox church services freaked you out when you were a kid.

6. You learned to pronounce your last name before any substitute teacher could even attempt it during roll call.

7. While everyone else is eating cranberry sauce and squash casserole on Thanksgiving, your family is busy feasting on dolmades and pastichio.

8. Oh, and it really is impossible to become a vegetarian.

9. Your old, Greek relatives will attempt the birds and the bees talk with you at any given moment.

10. And you probably should look into marrying somebody Greek if you don't want to answer endless questions about your spouse's heritage/family/religious beliefs... for the rest of your life.

11. The first time you got drunk was from a big ol' bottle of Ouzo.

12. There is no party more lit than the annual Greek festival.

13. You have at least three Kostas in your family, and four different variations of the name Helen.

14. There have been moments where you have been embarrassed of your family and customs, but you now know that there is no better ethnicity to be than Greek!