The amount of stress one undergoes during finals week is not to be underestimated. Every year during the same time, it's always as bad as you think it's going to be. Papers, projects, presentations, whatever form you have to experience it in it's guaranteed to drive you nuts. They have to get done eventually, and the longer you put them off (which of course you do), the longer you draw out your doom.

While there are short term remedies of course like TV, food, and friends to distract you, finals cannot be avoided. Not to mention how finals week also entails any and every major life crisis to occur in the exact same week. If things weren't bad enough, you also have to deal with all sorts of fun adult and life problems while you're at it. Lovely, and not at all even more stressful than the finals you were already stressing out about. Just talking about this while currently being stressed out is even more stressful.

Since I'm on the verge of being stressed out, here are some ways to describe to others your feelings during the week!

1. "How to Get Away with Murder"

At this point, it would be easier than writing this final.

2. "Master of None"

I have so many finals to prepare for, but I have no motivation to plan for them whatsoever.

3. "10 Things I Hate About You"

If anyone tries to talk to me before I’m done my finals, they aren’t going to like what they hear.

4. "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World"

Netflix, ice cream, my roommate, one of you better be prepared. If I go down, we both go down together.

5. "The Graduate"

One more semester, one more paper, one more step and I am on my way to having done something with my life!

6. "The Get Down"

It’s time to get my groove on, with studying that is.

7. "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

No sleep, poor time management skills, new crappy eating habits, and lots and lots of tears is what has become of me.

8. "The Walking Dead"

We are all dying, slowly, slowly dying. Darryl, when you're done being a badass can you do my finals for me?

9. "Practical Magic"

What I keep trying to convince myself and everyone who is concerned I might fail of my amazing procrastination skills.

10. "Safe Haven"

Anything that can bring me comfort during this time, mostly blankets. Also hot chocolate. Also my bed. Also, anything that doesn’t involve typing thousands of words or reading books.

11. "As You Like It"

The only true way to survive finals week is by delusion. Anyway you can trick yourself that you're not losing your mind is the way to go! Everyone has their own personal means of getting by with no judgment whatsoever.

12. "Crossroads"

When you’re sacrificing so much for one week, you wonder what’s the point? Is it really worth depriving myself of food, sleep, and human contact? These sorts of questions tend to happen when I debate whether it’s even worth moving from the couch to my bed because I’m so exhausted. What has my life become?

13. "Ice Princess"

I am emotionally fragile, my heart and all hope have frozen over, and I will definitely be having a minimum of three meltdowns this week. If I could ice skate out my frustrations, I would. Do not cross me.

14. "Big Little Lies"

If I could turn back time and punch myself in the face everytime I lied to myself saying, “I’m going to get work done”, I would. There would be so much less pain. It's what I told myself at the time, but I have become my own downfall now because of it.