14 Things You Must Do Before School Starts

School is right around the corner kiddos... Are you ready?

Back to school commercials are making us nauseous, school supplies in stores make us groan, but the fact is that it is time to switch our minds to planner mode. It's one thing to prepare for high school, but it's entirely different when it comes to college.

College kids have to pack up and move a tiny house back to school. Half of our stuff is at home, and the other half is placed in a corner for things marked "college." No matter how well we plan ahead and pack, there will still be those last minute items we have to pack. Packing up and starting school before everyone else back home isn't fun either (although we do get out earlier for summer).

Suitemates and roommates are texting because it's crunch time. Who will bring what, and how will we decorate? We may be excited about living together, but the process of moving back? No, thanks.

And what about the actual school part? Ah, I may love to learn new things, but let's be honest, no one loves to do homework, study or cram for tests. With college comes great responsibility, as well as stress.

With that being said, here is a list of what to do for the final countdown of the ending of summer and the start of school!

1. Do your laundry

Clean clothes to pack for school would be nice, right?

2. Put in your last day for work

Make sure you get your last paycheck before your piggy bank goes empty for the school year.

3. Order your textbooks

Yeah, it's not fun but it's a must-do.

4. Make time for younger siblings

If you have younger siblings, make sure you spend some time with them before you leave. Offer some subtle advice about whichever school year they are about to enter, because remember you've been there.

5. Be kind to your parents

Don't say things like, "I can't wait to leave." They may smile and be happy you're excited, but on the inside they hear, "I can't wait to get away from my parents." Let them know you love them and appreciate all they do for you.

6. Double check your classes

That favorite class you were looking forward to may have been canceled. Double checking your schedule before the year never hurts.

7. Finish up your latest Netflix binge

You'll be too busy once school first starts to finish watching that show on Netflix, even if it was one you've seen before. Trust me, you'll thank me later for this tip.

8. Plan that last mini vacay

Head to the beach for a weekend to polish up that tan. Who wants to go back to school still ghostly white?

9. Rush to complete those DIY projects

Because who has time to finish cute art projects or any fun things once you're drowning in work? Summer is the best time to knock out those projects that have been sitting on your list for years.

10. Clean out the closet

That shirt you've been hanging on to since grade school has to leave. You won't be fitting back into it ever again sweetheart. Make room for some new stuff!

11. Go back to school shopping

Make a list of school supplies, clothes, and any other items you may need for the new year. Go dorm shopping, clothes shopping, and get new desk supplies, etc. Do it all and enjoy the prep before you actually have to use all that stuff.

12. Snuggle your pets one last time

Give your pets some extra love before you pack it all up. They will miss you!

13. Say goodbye to your hometown friends

Well it's not goodbye, but see you again later. It's still sad regardless. Do something fun before everyone goes there separate ways for the school year.

14. Reflect on your summer

Weigh the bad versus the good, and maybe you can be better prepared for next summer! Hopefully you made the most of your time this past summer and were able to relax before taking on this upcoming school year.

I wish you all the best of luck with the new year! Stay productive and work hard.

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