14 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Get You Inspired
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14 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Get You Inspired

Finding creative real estate marketing insights, strategies, and ideas can be a great way to think differently and help you achieve your planning goal.

14 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Get You Inspired

Finding creative real estate marketing insights, strategies, and ideas can be a great way to think differently and help you achieve your planning goal.

Finding creative real estate marketing insights, strategies, and ideas can be a great way to think differently and help you achieve your planning goal.

That's because, often, we remain stuck to what is already known and apparently works. Fear of trying something new or taking a risk can limit your results.

Therefore, we the team of waterfront district block put together creative ideas for you to apply in your real estate marketing.

Good reading.

How to find creative real estate marketing ideas?

Before looking for creative real estate marketing ideas, you must first understand that creativity alone will not guarantee the expected results if it is not very well aligned with your marketing planning strategy.

A truly creative action is one that, in addition to impressing your customer and generating value, helps to fulfill your marketing and sales objectives.

Now, with that in mind, we can move on to an essential step for anyone working in real estate marketing: knowing where to look for information, ideas and trends. The references you consume on a daily basis reflect directly on new ideas and actions for marketing your ventures.

In this sense, seek to follow the main news portals that address the real estate market , in addition to being aware of national and international trends in the segment.

You can also find a lot of interesting content and ideas on social media. Search for the leading companies in your market and the professionals who stand out the most, and follow the insights they share.

In addition, signing up for newsletters on marketing, sales, or even specialized in the real estate market can be a great source of inspiration. A good example is Aqua's newsletter, where you can receive the main content and news to stay up-to-date on the real estate market.

1. Use technological resources and generate visual impact

We can start this list of creative real estate marketing ideas with one of the best ways to make a visual impact on your customers, which is to use technology to your advantage.

When selling real estate, it is necessary to invest in ways to delight the customer, as this is a more complex negotiation.

Features such as augmented reality and virtual reality allow you to mix elements from the virtual world with the real world, or make the customer feel immersed in the virtual environment.

You can use this in favor of your business with virtual decorations and 360º tours, for example.

2. Sell more with customization

Personalization, whether in customer service, sales or marketing, has the potential to increase your prospect's engagement.

This strategy increases people's identification with your brand and generates a feeling of exclusivity, a decisive factor in the purchase journey.

In this case presented by Imob Marketing, a company customized its apartment decorated according to the visits scheduled by Facebook. Basically, as soon as the visitor arrived at the site, he found his photos and other details related to his tastes and preferences.

This personalization was extremely effective, resulting in 28% of visits converted to sales, as well as high share on social media.

3. Bet on social selling

Do you know the social selling strategy? Social selling, as it is also called, is the process of creating a relationship between the sellers themselves and their audience through social networks.

Through likes, group interactions and posting valuable content, its brokers and other professionals involved in the company's marketing and sales areas can influence the image of the business, and even generate sales in the long term.

For this, it is important that the teams are involved and engaged in the company's objectives, as well as in the strategies developed for each project.

4. Use social media to interact with your audience

And speaking of social networks, your company's pages can also be part of the strategy, especially in the funnel attraction stage.

According to the Real Estate in a Digital Age report, 44% of homebuyers and 99% of Millennials go online first to find properties for sale.

The numbers can vary in different markets and regions, but surely part of your audience is on social media looking for the dream property.

On social networks, you have the advantage of leaving behind all the view of bureaucracy and complexity that the real estate segment has and humanizing your communication.

Good examples of how to use this to your advantage is to carry out polls, votes, questions and answers and other possibilities for each channel to interact directly with your followers.

5. Make lives to answer questions about real estate

Another good real estate marketing idea is to hold lives and webinars to convert leads at the end of the sales funnel.

You can make an open live to answer questions related to your property, payment methods and other related matters or even make live broadcasts exclusive to those who registered on a particular capture page.

This can work very well on releases. Create a page to collect data from leads interested in finding out more about your new venture, and host an exclusive live to chat directly with these people. In this way, your strategy will also be using personalization, and will have good chances of conversion.

6. Present your properties with interactivity

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the importance of visual impact in real estate sales. In this sense, a great way to impact and delight your customers when presenting a project is to use interactivity.

Whether in the physical or digital environment, the presentation needs to be a two-way street, where the salesperson can highlight the company's differentials and the customer can interact with the information and have a good experience.

This is possible through tools developed with a focus on user experience and interactivity.

For face-to-face presentations, for example, Showcase Imóveis brings a clear and efficient presentation of the content, with different formats and special features.

For online presentations, you can count on Showroom, a platform with individual rooms customized for your project, where your seller can present the property in a fully online and interactive way, navigating the room together with the customer.

Highlight your ventures with technology and impress customers.

7. Prepare your sales booth

It's essential to be prepared to impress your booth visitors. It is at this moment that people want to clear up doubts, learn about the project's differentials and understand if that business is really worth it.

Therefore, the way you receive your visitors is part of the customer experience, and influences your results.

The bookcase needs to be inviting and welcoming, and have the resources necessary for sellers to be able to present properties efficiently.

In this checklist provided by waterfront block you can see what it takes to build a successful booth.

Construtora's stand Operates at Feirão da Caixa, with popcorn, June party flags and Showcase Imóveis, Aqua's interactive catalogue.

8. Funnel top materials

Regarding your company's content production, we emphasize that focusing only on funnel-bottom offers and trying to sell at all costs can have the opposite effect.

This type of approach ends up tiring your audience and giving a wrong image of your positioning.

With that in mind, look to create content and materials aimed at the top of the funnel, where leads are still discovering their pain and goals, and need to be taken to the next stage of the buying journey.

This strategy is the basis of Inbound Marketing, and it significantly contributes to reducing your CAC, as it takes the leads to a decision-making process on their own, or with less commercial effort.

Good funnel top offers are often educational or helpful in your prospect's routine. Materials such as quizzes, quizzes, guides and checklists can be a great way to generate and qualify leads.

Create, for example, guides for the neighborhoods where your projects are located, lists of the best schools or restaurants in a particular region, checklists for those who want to finance an apartment, among others.

In addition, it is not necessary to remain solely in the realm of the real estate market. You can help your future clients with issues that are not directly related to a property, such as creating a financial control sheet to help them achieve their goals.

9. Develop Influence Marketing Strategies

Considering the complexity of selling a property, betting on the authority of influencers is a good way to reduce customer objections. We can cite two influential marketing cases in the real estate sector that exemplify the potential of this strategy and both of these strategies are used by the team of waterfront district block.

The first, by Embraed, was carried out with high-end projects in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, where the developer chose Gustavo Kuerten to act in the campaign. The strategy was to associate the brand with a local personality with international recognition.

Another example is from Cyrela, cited by the Imob Marketing website. In 2012, when the market experienced a major slowdown in sales, and many buyers were unsure about investing in real estate.

To restore investor security, the company created Cyrela Invest, a “program” with Ricardo Amorim's tips and content on the real estate market.

Ricardo Amorim is one of the main economists and specialists in this market, which made Cyrela activate the mental trigger of authority, gaining more trust from its public.

10. Use a referral system

A referral or referral system is a great social proof tool. In any purchase decision, relying on the recommendation of a person you trust, such as a friend or family member, makes all the difference.

Creating a program of recommendations for your projects, offering special conditions for those who refer other customers, provides a greater volume of leads for your sales team to prospect. In addition, a referral program also contributes to the satisfaction of those who are already a customer, especially if you offer benefits to those who made the referral.

11. Create content about the differentials of the region where your business is located

This is another tip to remember that it is not necessary to talk only about your business to sell.

Your content strategy can include articles, videos and posts about the differentials and establishments in the region where the property is located. Check out some examples:

  • “5 best restaurants in neighborhood X for dinner”;
  • “Discover the available cinemas in the X region”;
  • “Why is neighborhood X the best for outdoor activities?”;
  • Among other possibilities that awaken people's desire to live in this region.

12. Partner with local businesses

Taking advantage of the above idea, you can also establish partnerships with local businesses that make sense for your properties.

Thus, it is possible to publicize a new development in restaurants, pubs, schools or stores, for example, which are located nearby and have a good flow of customers.

The possibilities involve keeping promotional materials in the establishments, carrying out some type of exclusive action for those who frequent the place, or even offering a free product or service from your partner for those visiting the decorated apartment.

13. Leverage your lead base

We cite throughout the article the creation of capture pages and lead generation materials. These contacts that enter your base cannot remain without communication, and therefore, they must be worked with a nutrition strategy, remarketing or emails.

For this, having your base well segmented is essential. Find out exactly which leads were interested in a particular development, who booked a visit but didn't close a deal, and who is still at the top of the funnel, researching real estate and related topics.

This will help define the ideal strategies for each type of lead and thus optimize your results.

With the segmented base, you can send an email about a launch to someone who is not your customer yet, send newsletters with your new content to keep leads updated, or even communicate with those who have already bought a property but usually invest in projects.

The possibilities are many, but you need to remember to develop strategies that are assertive and not perceived as spam by your lead base.

14. Advertise in partner newsletters

Using a combination of suitable content and qualified base, it is possible to have great results with email marketing. But why limit this to just your company emails?

Look for portals and companies in your segment that have a newsletter and that can establish a partnership with your construction company or developer. With this, you will be able to advertise in newsletters and reach new audiences, increasing your conversion rates and gaining more recognition in the market.

Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas: Which Ones Will You Put into Action?

So, do you already apply any of the strategies described in this article?

Remember that the real estate market is wide and has different types of customers. Therefore, the ideal is that before applying any of the ideas we present, you analyze issues such as the persona of your business, market moment, company objectives and goals, and the main trends in your segment.

We hope this article has served as a source of inspiration for new strategies and insights.

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