13 Ways We Are Just Like Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the character, Sherlock Holmes in 1890. His first appearance was in the novel, A Study in Scarlet. That novel began the journey of Holmes and ever since 1890 fans have been in love with the detective.

This year, Holmes will turn 127! An impressive number, and an even more impressive and calculating character. Movies and TV shows have brought Doyle's character to life for over a hundred of years.

Some of the most popular are two of my favorites: the films starring Robert Downey Jr. and BBC's TV show starring Benedict Cumberbatch. No matter how many times I've seen the movies or watched the episodes, I just can't get enough. I've studied the original stories by Doyle, and love comparing the screen versions to the text.

Sherlock Holmes is arrogant, rude, and seems like he is incapable of human emotion. His intelligence surpasses the average man, and our natural tendency to want to discover the truth follows right along with Sherlock's addiction to the game of solving crimes.

It's easy to think we are nowhere close to Holmes' character, but there is a little bit of Sherlock in all of us. Here are 13 ways that we are just like Sherlock, and he is just like us.

1. Like Him, We Are Easily Annoyed

He says out loud what we are all thinking in our heads, especially in class when you are trying to concentrate.

2. We Don't Like To Repeat Things

It's boring and annoying to repeat the same thing just because someone wasn't listening the first time.

3. Sometimes We Play Pretend

Sherlock loved to dress up and get into character, just as we all do for Halloween. Pretending to be someone else for a little while can take our stress away... or get us to the bottom of a mystery.

4. We Often Pull All Nighters

We all have had those late nights whether it was working on homework or having to work. Sherlock works hard too.

5. We Ask A Lot Of The Same Questions

Hey, we all asked the question at some point in our life...

6. We Love To Bicker With Our Bestie

Watson and Holmes were the best of friends, but they didn't always get along. We all can relate to that.

7. We Like To Share Everything

Or steal someone else's things. Either one works really. Possession is nine tenths of the law.

8. We Flare For Dramatics

There is a diva inside all of us. We all let her out sometimes.

9. Sherlock Says What We're All Thinking

His opinions just aren't filtered like ours typically are.

10. We Love To Relax

or not relax and just claim we are bored all the time. There can be millions of things to do on our list, but being bored is our number one.

11. We hate to admit we are wrong

He can sometimes admit when he is wrong too. We're only human, you know.

12. We Love Ourselves A Good Game

It brings out our highly competitive nature.

13. We Care For Others

Sherlock Holmes actually has more loyalty than most people I know.

So you see, Sherlock may be a rowdy character on TV but he shares qualities we all do. There's more in common with us and him than meets the eye.

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