13 Times Leslie Knope Embodied What It Means To Be A College Student

13 Times Leslie Knope Embodied What It Means To Be A College Student

"I am super chill all the time!"

College is a crazy time, and it can be hard to explain a lot of what goes on to someone who isn't in it right there with you.

From your non-existent sleep schedule all the way to your busy social life, there's a lot that makes the time you spend in college so unique. Luckily, Leslie Knope is always there to not only make us laugh, but also provide a comforting presence when we need someone around who embodies all of our feelings about college life.

Here are my picks for the moments that Leslie best exemplified the ins and outs of this stage of life.

1. When she finally got a relatively good night's sleep

2. When she was hella prepared to present the project she'd been working on forever

3. When she perfectly exemplified how we all feel in math class

3. When she put everyone's relationship struggles into words

4. When she told Joe Biden exactly what we all want to tell our most attractive professor

5. When she exemplified how you feel to hang out with your friends after a long week of classes

6. When she understood your feelings about all the tests that are coming up next week

7. All the times she showed her love for her best friend without whom she could never get through the day

8. When she put into words what finals week is like

9. All the times she showed her love for breakfast food

10. Really just food in general

11. Except for, you know, healthy food

12. When she was super stressed out

13. But, somehow, never lost hope that everything was going to be okay

It's nice to know that, on hard days, we can always find comfort in the wisdom of Leslie Knope.
Cover Image Credit: NBC

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8 Instagrammable Lattes You Can Buy Chapel Hill And Carrboro

One of the best parts of getting a cup of coffee has to be Instagramming your barista's latte art.

One of the best parts of getting a cup of coffee has to be Instagramming your barista's latte art. Here are eight places in Chapel Hill and Carrboro with some of the most impressive (and delicious) lattes:

1. Perennial

Perennial not only makes a mean latte, but with their teal coffee mugs, brick walls and the marble countertop, you'll have the perfect aesthetic for each latte. Perennial has a second floor with mismatched furniture, worn brick walls, and a great view for your next Instagrammed latte.

2. Open Eye Cafe

At Open Eye, you'll not only find the perfect drink, but you'll also find some incredible latte art. I mean, look at that feather! If you're looking for a little extra boost to your latte, go for the chai latte (and keep the two shots of espresso). Not only will it look incredible, but it's a great afternoon pick me up.

3. Joe Van Gogh

With a name like Joe Van Gogh, you can expect art in your latte. Usually, I'm impressed with a leaf or a heart, but scrolling through their Instagram location tags, I found myself continually impressed, especially with latte swans and feathers topped with hearts. Take a peek of their Instagram tags to see some of their impressive art.

4. Gray Squirrel Coffee Co.

If you're in the mood for a little heart in your coffee, Gray Squirrel has you covered. Their drinks are simply elegant and definitely show that they're made with love.

5. Coco Bean Coffee Shop and Cafe

Mixing hearts and feathers together, Coco Bean Coffee Shop's lattes look just like they would match your bullet journal's headers. Bring your bullet journal along with you to get some journaling done (or snap some photos) as you sip your latte.

6. Caffe Driade

Both of these drinks look delicious and I love the swirly hearts! Add in an almond croissant and not only do you have an awesome photo, but a great after class snack.

7. Carolina Coffee Shop

At Carolina Coffee Shop, it feels like I'm drinking my latte from a soup bowl! The massive size of each drink doesn't take away from the artfulness of each drink's foam.

8. Guglhupf

When I first stopped at Guglhupf, I loved seeing the glossy, wooden tables and thought about how it would be the perfect backdrop for a latte photo. Once I got my drink, I saw how the two looked perfect for each other and snapped about 10-15 photos.

There are plenty of coffee shops throughout Chapel Hill and Carrboro, but these eight have incredible latte art. Comment below some of your favorite places to get your ~artsy~ brew!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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10 Major Milestones President Trump Has Achieved In Just One Year

Here's to the next seven!

It's been a year since Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States, and we are all still alive!

We still have food! And money! And freedom!

We also still have all those people who swore that they would leave if he won, but other than that, it's been a pretty great year. Kim Jong Un definitely hates us more than he did a year ago, but we all know that the media has hyped up that situation way more than what is actual reality.

However, let's not shift the focus. In the last year, Donald Trump has caused more controversy than any other president we have ever had. He tweets with no regrets and little care for grammar, and it pisses people off. He has fearlessly stood up for what he believes and speaks what is on his mind. Donald Trump has displayed his full capability of being brutally honest, harsh, determined, and fully American.

These characteristics have labeled him as unprofessional and far from presidential, but this is what the #MAGA train loves most about The Donald.

But we love him for more than just his unusual personality. We love him for what he has done to make America great again. He has kept his campaign promises, and although we still have yet to see "The Wall," the time will come. It's been quite the year, so in celebration of Trump's one year anniversary, here's a little recap.

1. The stock market continues to hit it's all-time high, reaching 26,000 this past week.

2. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), unemployment is at 4.1%, which is the lowest we have seen in 16 years.

3. Neil Gorsuch was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, filling the vacant seat and marking a new majority for Republicans.

4. ISIS has lost 98% of its territory and over 40,000 of its fighters have been destroyed.

5. Hundreds of regulations in the business sector have been lifted, saving the White House hundreds of millions of dollars.

6. Trump signed a religious liberty executive order that gives political speech freedom to churches and religious organizations.

7. The United States withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, ending energy regulations that would have destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs. Now, the private energy sector can open the door to innovation without harming the taxpayer's wallet.

8. Trump became the first sitting president to publicly address the anti-abortion March for Life in Washington, D.C.

9. In December, Trump signed a groundbreaking tax bill that will lower taxes across the board, increase deductions, and eliminate the mandate to purchase health insurance.

10. Immigration laws are becoming stricter in an attempt to put Americans first and decrease spending on unnecessary immigrant costs and regulations (travel ban, DACA, border patrol, ICE).

For Democrats, this list is their worst nightmare. But for the Trump-loving, conservative Republicans, it's a dream come true. Finally, a president who has kept his campaign promises and won't stop until America has returned to its full potential. He's arrogant and far from perfect, but he loves America with all of his heart, and that's what America needs.

Americans first. Always.

It's been a hell of a good year, Mr. Trump.

Here's to the next seven. And of course - MAGA!

Cover Image Credit: Wikipedia

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