13 Times Leslie Knope Embodied What It Means To Be A College Student

13 Times Leslie Knope Embodied What It Means To Be A College Student

"I am super chill all the time!"

College is a crazy time, and it can be hard to explain a lot of what goes on to someone who isn't in it right there with you.

From your non-existent sleep schedule all the way to your busy social life, there's a lot that makes the time you spend in college so unique. Luckily, Leslie Knope is always there to not only make us laugh, but also provide a comforting presence when we need someone around who embodies all of our feelings about college life.

Here are my picks for the moments that Leslie best exemplified the ins and outs of this stage of life.

1. When she finally got a relatively good night's sleep

2. When she was hella prepared to present the project she'd been working on forever

3. When she perfectly exemplified how we all feel in math class

3. When she put everyone's relationship struggles into words

4. When she told Joe Biden exactly what we all want to tell our most attractive professor

5. When she exemplified how you feel to hang out with your friends after a long week of classes

6. When she understood your feelings about all the tests that are coming up next week

7. All the times she showed her love for her best friend without whom she could never get through the day

8. When she put into words what finals week is like

9. All the times she showed her love for breakfast food

10. Really just food in general

11. Except for, you know, healthy food

12. When she was super stressed out

13. But, somehow, never lost hope that everything was going to be okay

It's nice to know that, on hard days, we can always find comfort in the wisdom of Leslie Knope.
Cover Image Credit: NBC

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Rundown Of Coachella Weekend 1

The performances, the outfits, and of course, the drama

If you weren't physically at Coachella this past weekend, you were living vicariously through the over 90,000 people that were. All over Instagram and Snapchat were loads of pictures and videos of the go-to event. This year (like every previous year), there were iconic performances, iconic outfits, and iconic drama.

The Performances

Beyoncé was the headliner of the second night of Coachella. As you can imagine, she absolutely killed it. In her first live performance since the birth of her child in 2017, not only did Beyoncé light up the stage for a 2 hour performance, but she brought out husband Jay-Z for a few songs, her sister Solange for a number, and brought out Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for some Destiny’s Child throwbacks. Additionally, she used her platform on the Coachella stage (like many artists do) to make a powerful political statement. Beyonce sang a few lines of the song “Lift Every Voice Up” which has been known to be an “anthem of southern black communities” and is the official song for the NAACP.

On the last night of Coachella, the crowd favorite Cardi B. performed her first concert since dropping her latest album Invasion of Privacy. During her set, she brought out Chance the Rapper, Kehlani, 21 Savage, and G-Eazy. In full Cardi B. fashion, during her performance of “She Bad,” the rapper twerked for the entire crowd and said, “And that’s how I got pregnant y’all. Just like that.”

However, the most shocking performance of the weekend was when a young Mason Ramsey took on the Coachella stage. Ramsey, also known as Walmart Yodel Kid, became famous through a video posted on the Internet of him singing/yodeling in Walmart (check it out it if you haven't, it is seriously worth it). Ramsey went on the Sahara stage at around 2:45 PM on Friday afternoon. This adorable country boy brought smiles to thousands of fans as he sang Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues.” One of the smiling fans was Justin Bieber, who even went and met Ramsey after his performance.

The Outfits

The second most important thing about Coachella other than the music (some would even say the most important thing) is the fashion. It is always interesting to see what kind of styles and trends take on the dessert. This first weekend of Coachella 2018 was filled with camo, cropped shirts, large pants, fanny packs, glitter, cool hairstyles, and colored sunglasses. Below are some of my favorite looks from the festival.

The Drama


And finally, of course, there had to be Kardashian/Jenner drama. The new parents Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, were seen at a party that Tyga was at. Reports say everyone acted chill, even though that had to have been awkward. Tyga was also seen with Iggy Azalea throughout the weekend. Additionally, Kendall Jenner and what seems to be ex Blake Griffin were at the same party and didn't even acknowledge each other. Eek.

Now let's see what weekend two brings!

Cover Image Credit: Summer McKeen

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We're Trying To Get Back To Normal After A Tornado But Things Will Never Be The Same

We're just tyring to get as close to 'normal' as possible.

Those students that chose to return to campus did so this past week. For many of us this was the first time we had been on campus since before spring break, and ultimately before the tornadoes earlier in March.

The tornadoes swept from U.S Highway 431, down Alabama Route 204, through the main part of Jacksonville State University, and then into Georgia, leaving a significant amount of damage.

Aside from our academic buildings being damaged, neighbors of the college have lost cars, houses, and all their belongings. The greatest miracle of the entire event was that the university was on spring break when it happened. physical belongings can be replaced, but lives cannot and thankfully none were lost.

With the time being over a month passed, it is now for what most see, time to return to normal. Although we are returning to classes, beginning advisement, and even registering, it will never be the same.

We can take class after class but again, it will never be the same.

From the backside of the Houston Cole Library you can almost see Stone Center, this was never possible before, It is also a funny feeling driving over what used to be shaded roads, that are now in full sunlight. Trees around the International House totally gone, and even the sign is damaged. It's just oddness in the feeling of returning to school in what feels like a war-zone.

Martin Hall has asbestos warning signs up. It makes a person wonder how winds can destroy a building that has been standing for so long. It seems that some of the buildings have now be declared a loss. This is Such a sad time for such a friendly, and charming southern university. The State of Alabama has a law in place protecting historical monuments, markers, and buildings that have been built for a certain amount of time. This law declares that buildings must be rebuilt to their original specifications.

Although time may pass, flowers and trees regrow, buildings will be replaced, and sidewalks re-poured, things will never be the same.

Cover Image Credit: Zachary Grizzard

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