Somehow we made it to mid-April. The weather is getting warmer, finals seasons is around the corner, and the last few weeks living at school have come around (I'm not crying, you're crying).

Every moment becomes bittersweet and your stress levels skyrocket trying to manage studying for finals and spending quality time with your friends while you can. What better way to sum up all of these feelings than with the cast of Friends (which I still believe is overrated, an unpopular opinion I know I know).

1. When your professor brings up the non-cumulative exam you haven't studied for

2. When you look at your exam schedule and realize that you have 3 exams in one day

3. When it gets hot outside but the AC in the dorms doesn't work yet

4.When you decide to have a movie marathon with your friends instead of doing your homework

5. When all of your classes have their final tests/papers before finals due in the same week

6. When you try to ignore the fact that you will be separated from your friends for 3 whole months

7. When your mom asks you if you are packed yet

8. When you realize all those late night snacks have added up and your summer bod isn't nearly close to being ready

9. When you order the late night pizza anyway because you're already in too deep

10. When you decide to make a final attempt to talk to that person you've been eyeing all semester

11. When you and your friends talk about all the plans you have to visit each other over the summer

12. When you think about coming back in the fall and doing it all over again

13. When you realize it's summer and you can turn on ~vacation mode~