Okay, so we all have our guilty pleasures. For my mom and me, it's binge watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E!. Whenever I'm home from school, I can expect my mom to ask me to come into the family room, catch up, and watch the Kardashians. (However, for some reason she pronounces it "Kahdashians," but that's besides the point.) It's not that we genuinely care about the family, but rather, it's just so ridiculous that we can't help turning on the TV. If you're used to tuning into the antics of all of the K's, then you've probably noticed some common themes. Thus, here are 13 things that always end up happening on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This one's for you, Mom.

1. There's a passive aggressive comment made about Rob.

Straight up every episode.

2. Kim's butt is a topic of conversation.

Kim, you're booty-ful just the way you are.

3. Kris makes an awesome career move for one of her daughters.


4. Someone cries.

Good thing the glam team is on location to fix up that mascara.

5. They eat salad.

Always eating those impressive-looking salads.

6. Family drama occurs.


7. Kourtney talks about some weird organic trend.

Now that's just nasty.

8. Someone destroys Kris.

Pretty brutal.

9. Yet, Kris can definitely hold her own...

You tell her!

10. One of the Kardashians helps out another Kardashian in a very sensitive, loving manner. (Or in this case, Jenner.)

Straight from the heart.

11. At least one person is "rude."

Poor Kim.

12. At least one selfie is taken.

Killin it.

And finally,

13. They always show us a good time.