It's been a while since I got in the pool, but hopefully after my ACL repair surgery this summer, I'll be back in the chlorine-scented water. Even though it has been a while, there are just some stuff about swimming you never forget. Swimming will always be a part of who I am, even during the bad practices.

1. Standing on the pool deck and staring at the water, not wanting to get in for warmups right away because you know how cold it is.

2. That one kid that treats practice like it is the Olympics.

Listen, we all want to be the best, but CHILL. It's called practice for a reason!

3. Or that one kid that keeps touching your feet during practice because they are just a bit faster.

4. When you think you're done with a set of drills, but someone reminds coach there is one more set.

5. "Alright guys, let's work on our breaststroke technique."

Breaststroke = the worst stroke.

6. Being a long distance swimmer and doing sprinting drills.

A near death experience, but I'm pretty sure sprinters think the same when a set includes swimming more than 100 meters.

7. Lying about having to go to the bathroom or that you need to "refill your water" or that your "googles need adjusting" to get out of a set.

"No coach, I promise I'll be right back." We've all done it.

8. Pretending to do something during dryland.

9. Looking up at the time after your event and seeing you got a best time.

Everyone knows in swimming that one second makes a big difference.

10. That one kid who found the humor of the last number on the lap counter.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

11. Cheering and screaming like crazy for your teammates during their events.

Even though there are definitely days we all dread going to the pool, it is something we all love.

12. Trying to eat healthy at swim meets, but candy bars and walking tacos are just $1.

13. When it comes to the Olympics, you always watch and want to be just like Michael Phelps.

I mean, who wouldn't want to be one of the best Olympians there has ever been?