As we approach the second semester of school, the anxiety of AP tests, SATs and simply keeping an A can be a mentally-challenging ordeal. Thus, here are 13 things to make your life easier and more enjoyable this 2018.

1. Make a bullet journal.

Take a moment to reflect and channel your artistic creativity into a journal of your personalized ideas, and perhaps you'll find something special about yourself! Set aside five or 10 minutes of your time each day, and at the end of the year, there's nothing more satisfying than riffling through a filled, aesthetic notebook.

2. Create your own playlist.

Feed yourself with true soul food by creating your personal Spotify playlist, complete with a color-themed cover photo. When you are then feeling alone, turn up the volume and be immersed within your own world. Everything will be alright.

3. Invest your time into something you truly enjoy.

Whether it's eating a bowl of ice cream in deep self-reflection or cuddling with your dog on a cold winter's night, find something that takes your anxieties away, even if it's just for a second.

4. Realize your capabilities, and go for them.

When the time comes for major decision making, understand your own capabilities. Do not let other people muddle with your confidence, and take underestimation as constructive criticism. The more you think about a decision and take other people's opinions literally, the more you will only hold yourself back. Once you find yourself and that inner drive, there's nothing stopping you.

5. Take a moment to rant.

Do not be afraid to vent. Let everything go, and clear your mind. The burden of deep thoughts and never-ending uncertainty will only dig a deeper hole for yourself. Once you spill out all the problems to someone else is when you can access the final solution of the problem.

6. Build an organized social media page.

In times of stress, being distracted may be the bane of existence; however, whether it's creating a blog page or reorganizing your Instagram feed, revisiting your favorite memories is the ultimate stress-reliever. Just don't let yourself carried away!

7. Do a mini-project.

This is not just any project. This is a project that is worthy of sharing on your Snapchat and Instagram. It can be art, photography or anything interesting to get your brain thinking outside the box. Perhaps, your mini-project may turn into an award-winning excursion. You'll never know until you try, right?

8. Create a bucket list.

The future may seem scary, but if you fill your future with moments of your dreams, maybe a trip to Paris or a skydive 13,000 ft above the ground will be filled with more exhilaration and adrenaline-pumping destinies.

9. Let go of toxic relationships.

Let yourself be the one to save the future of your relationships. Do not let others drag you down or make you feel unworthy, for he or she is unworthy of you. Keep that in mind, and pursue your true passion without hindrance.

10. Go to a concert.

It's time to let yourself go and enjoy, even if it's for a day. Going to a concert is the perfect way to experience something new and surround yourself with dynamic energy. Here's to all the lonely hearts who do not see life at its worth.

11. Take care of something. Yes, it can be a plant.

Cheers to a new addition of my desk — my very first succulent. Easy to keep and pleasing to look at, there is nothing more magical than watching something grow with your own heart.

12. Go exploring.

In your own town, in the nearby park or anywhere that is new and unfamiliar. Grab a friend and a camera, and prepare to learn something new!

13. Add something new to your daily routine.

Add a new food, a new song or even a new Netflix show to your daily routine. This way, you can expand your interests and find new obsessions to add a twist and a pop of spice into your life, so go for it. And don't turn back!