13 Things I Learned From Creating Content For Odyssey

13 Things I Learned From Creating Content For Odyssey

Uploading your article and creating your masterpiece is one of the most satisfying feelings in the whole world


As my time as an Odyssey Content Creator comes to a very sad ending, and a very short lived time, these past 4 months have taught me more about being a writer than I could have ever dreamed. I learned that writing at 2am on the car ride home from your aunts is TOTALLY OK. That writing article ideas on your forearm at work is completely acceptable, and that uploading your article and creating your masterpiece is one of the most satisfying feelings in the whole world. Seeing friends and family comment, sharing it across Facebook and beyond…I could never thank Odyssey and my editors/new friends for making this possible

1.“Too many lists,” isn't real.

I could write lists for months on end. Go. Try me.

2. You can never use too many GIF’s

I mean c’mon. This “Friends” GIF will go perfect in my new article

3. Giphy.com is my new favorite place

Seriously. Type in anything. There’s a GIF for it.

4. I’ve never learned so much about myself through words

I never knew what depth my mind had.

5.Your best friends are your biggest cheerleaders

Because your article has to get around somehow?!

6. Sometimes you’ll forget to upload your article and that’s OK. We’re all human.

Just take a deep breath and upload it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. But stay calm. :)

7. Writing is my passion.

Never knew how refreshing it way to be able to submit a piece(s) of my own words online for others to read.

8. Sometimes you won’t figure out an article topic until the morning of your due date. It’s OK; stay calm.

“FINALLY,” you say stirring your Cheerios and morning brew.

9. Stealing other peoples ideas is never cool, and never works out the way you plan/planned.

Just because this weeks “top article” topic was fabulous. Don’t steal ideas; work from them to create your own.

10. Always write about what’s true to you

Passionate writing is the best writing.

11. Only write about what you want

Never take other peoples words and try and make them your own. I mean this in the copyright and moral way. Your words are what matter, don’t forget that.

12. Never write about something you have ZERO interest in. Passion comes from the creativity behind your words and your interest in your topic.

I always know when I’m reading an article and there is compassion in the words. It makes me only want to read more.

13. Spell check is your very best friend

Because who doesn’t want every single world perfect in something being published for anyone in the whole world to see

14. You can never write “too much,” about your school spirit/school in general

I’ve read over thousands of articles about MSU, and I’m still not bored.

I just want to give a massive thank you to everyone who helped me make this writing dream possible!! I hope to be back soon, but school is making me put a feeeew things on hold for the moment.

Over n' Out,

Madeleine E. Alden



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