13 Reasons To Go See "Joy"

Multiple movies came into theaters on Christmas day, just like every year. This seasons line up included David O. Russell's "Joy". A film about a low-class, single mother who becomes the "founder and matriarch of a powerful family business dynasty," according to IMDB.

I think what makes this film so incredible is the quality of the acting and the message they bring to the audience. I feel most will depict a feminist appeal after watching Jennifer Lawrence crush it, but what is important about this story is it’s more than just feminism. It is about self-empowerment and persevering through all the hardships life throws at you.

So why should everyone go see “Joy”?

1. Amazing Cast

The entire cast is amazing but obviously the major powerhouses are Jennifer Lawrence (Joy Mangano), Bradley Cooper (Neil Walker) and Robert De Niro (Rudy Mangano). The interactions and relationships these characters have are definitely different but intriguing to watch.

2. True Story

It is always cool when you can watch an amazing story and know that it truly happened. Joy Mangano is a real entrepreneur/inventor/business woman who we can thank for the Miracle Mop and Huggable Hangers.

3. History

The invention may just be a mop, but it is so cool to watch this film and realize that this invention, that the majority of the characters believe to be crazy, is a household item still used to this day.

4. Humor

Rest assured, there is some humor in this film. You can see Joy’s family members mostly carrying this out as they live their very dysfunctional lives. Trust me with four generations living under one roof with very odd living arrangements, there's bound to be trouble.

5. Family Conflict

All families have their problems but “Joy” represents the families who have serious issues. The Mangano family has too many problems to count and it is hard to believe that Joy Mangano made it through it all.

6. Divorce

“Joy” shows two examples of divorce and how each have their own type of relationship. Both are strange situations to say the least but it is definitely interesting to compare. Four different personalities makes for one heck of a family.

7. Motherly Love

Something so heartwarming in this film is the amount of love Joy has for her children. The majority of the film focuses on her relationship with her daughter, Christie, but you can see how Joy becomes the mother for her entire family and how hard she slaves in order to provide.

8. Loss

Joy loses so much in this film. From money to loved ones, some moments she even loses her sanity.

9. Business Ethics

For its time period, “Joy” depicts the business world as a “man’s world” where businesswomen have to play by the rules and metaphorically "man up". It truly shows how unfair life can be and the logistics behind creating a product, as well.

10. Teaches a Lesson

The main lesson you’ll hear Joy preach is, “The world owes us nothing.” I think she believes that in this dog eat dog world, what you work hard for is rightfully yours and that you should never owe anyone anything for it. But she definitely has some major hiccups on her way to success.

11. Self-Empowerment

Joy does some major character development throughout the film where you meet her as a hard working push over, but by the end Joy finds her voice and motivation in order to come out on top. To be the strong businesswoman she needed to be in order to sell, she became a boss.

12. Happy Ending

Yes this movie does have a happy ending. That’s all we want out of movies right? A great story with a greater ending and “Joy” tells a fantastic underdog true story.

13. Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law is a beast! She is an amazing actress and she truly shined in this leading role. All fans will love her in this film!

If you are looking for a compelling story about a strong woman, I recommend "Joy". I will say the story is a progression and can come across as slow to some viewers. But this film is definitely worth a visit to the theater because of the message. Overall a must-see over your Christmas break.

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