13 Reasons Why You Should Join Odyssey

13 Reasons Why You Should Join Odyssey

Odyssey is the perfect place for someone to show off their writing skills.

In November of 2016, I joined Odyssey because I had heard from a friend that it is a great place for people to write what they feel. Being someone who enjoys writing, I wanted to see if I could join. The process was quite simple and self-explanatory, and I was able to begin my career at Odyssey within a few days. For anyone interested in writing articles, making videos and taking pictures of an online site, Odyssey is the perfect place to go! Here are 13 reasons why Odyssey is the perfect place to start a writing career.

1. You have access to a platform connected to lots of people.

Being connected to the whole world is advantageous when it comes to being a writer. You can make your article blow up on social media, and you can even introduce new perspectives on topics that have been discussed so often. Having the ability to influence people around the world through your work is amazing to think about, especially considering how connected everybody has become. You have to power to change the world.

2. You can basically write about any topic you would like.

One aspect of Odyssey that I find unique, and something that makes the site stand out, is that writers can make the topics for their articles about almost anything. This gives a lot of room for ideas on the creator's behalf. Articles range from responses to others' pieces on Odyssey to fictional stories that are tough to look away from. The freedom to write what you want is one thing that I love about this site.

3. Being in a community means contact with other contributors.

A community is a group of people that are placed together based on the location. When applying for Odyssey, you have to select which community to join. One cool part of being in the same group as others is that contact increases between writers. They can bounce ideas off of each other and give feedback when one is in doubt about a subject. It brings people together over the joy of writing.

4. The editors are always willing to help.

Editors review the content that contributors submit, help with sharing on social media, give feedback on articles and perform many other duties. Besides that, they are also able to answer any questions that a writer may have, and knowing that someone is always able to help makes contributors feel ensured that they can always go to someone to ask questions.

5. You can write as much as you would like.

You may sometimes submit a piece and feel that you want to write some more. There is always the ability to turn in another article for that week if you feel like it. The basic deadline is submitting one piece per week, but if you're feeling a rush of words waiting to be typed out for others to read, then take advantage of the opportunity to write more!

6. You have a place to openly discuss feelings or personal subjects.

Content on Odyssey is not limited to just news articles or controversial topics. You can write about personal experiences that may have possibly shaped you as a person. Again, the ability to write about whatever you want gives you lots of power to write an article that can touch others. Writing about personal experiences can also feel like you're sharing a piece of yourself with others.

7. There is constant encouragement to share articles, support other writers and be active.

People around you in your community will remind you to do more than just submitting content. You can also read others' articles and tell them how you feel after reading. Being connected also means connecting with other creators to empower each others' works. Odyssey also has a Facebook page, and they frequently post articles that reach a large audience.

8. You can meet new people through being in a community.

One creator who can write about anything has lots of power to change the world, but combining multiple creators who use their words to reach others opens a whole world of possibilities. They can encourage each other on social media, and their writing talent put together can create pieces that are remarkable. On that note, you can also collaborate with other contributors to write articles. Bringing writers together can create moving pieces.

9. Weekly deadlines increase your work ethic and motivation to constantly write.

The required submission schedule is one article each week, so writing once a week for about an hour in your free time is the minimum amount you will write if you submit articles for Odyssey. It teaches you to work on time and not the night before the weekly deadline, and your appreciation for writing increases as you choose a new topic every week to write about. You suddenly realize how much you can write and everything you can say. You basically motivate yourself to continue writing by coming up with new topics and writing about what you like.

10. You have a wonderful addition to your resume.

Writing for Odyssey can be like an internship, so you can put it on your resume. This also means that you have experience if future opportunities come into the picture. You learn a variety of skills from writing for this site, so you have the ability to mention that in job interviews when asked about your experience. You don't have to worry about constantly applying for jobs and being denied for lack of experience because your resume will show that you do have some!

11. You have the ability to see how your writing has progressed over time.

After writing for this site for a while, you can go back to some of your first articles and see how you've grown as a writer. You can also see the number of views you've gotten on them since the beginning, and it's always nice to see how the numbers have increased over time.

12. Your understanding of the AP Writing Style improves.

AP Writing Style is the grammar style of journalism, and it's a bit different from academic writing styles used in schools. At first, you'll have to remind yourself that AP Style has some grammatical rules that are different from what you are used to. After some time though, you'll be able to write in AP Style without having to go back and fix any errors. If you eventually want a job as a journalist, this is a great way to learn the AP Writing Style.

13. Your work has the potential to make it big.

People have different reasons for writing online, and some want to because they want lots of people to see their work. I mean, it's always encouraging to see a large audience reading your work, and sharing on social media is crucial to have a bigger chance at reaching a wide audience. Editors can help with that side if you'd like, but you can share your articles on any social media platform. The more, the better! And if your goal is having a popular article, you will feel a sense of accomplishment if you make it big.

Interested in joining Odyssey? Click here to apply for the position of your choosing. Writing for Odyssey is a wonderful learning experience that a writer or aspiring journalist will definitely enjoy. Happy writing!

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