Hey, what's up you guys.

I've long been a conspiracy connoisseur, so the half-joking-but-actually-sort-of-serious trend of exposing the governmental secrets of extraterrestrial life in Area 51 has really tickled my tin-foil-hatted heart. To catch you up, kids have been making plans on social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter) to "storm" the military base in Nevada in order to "see them aliens".

It's all gotten a bit out of hand; the Facebook page planning the raid has 1.1 million people pledged to attend on September 20 at 3 a.m. While this situation seems laughable, the U.S. Air Force is not taking the meme-laden situation lightly. In fact, the Military released a statement that they are "prepared" for the "highly discouraged" event.

So, after the adults detached from youth culture took Area 51 off the table, where on Earth are we going to hold our E.T. raid?

Luckily for us believers, I've amassed a list of locations where you might just catch a glimpse of a UFO. Be safe and stay SETI-curious.

1. Roswell, New Mexico


Starting with a classic, Roswell is home to one of the most famous UFO claims, thanks to a 1947 incident in which a "flying disc" crashed. With rumors of federal cover-ups and an abundance of alien-themed museums, Roswell awaits you.

2. Chicago, Illinois


Pizza, hot-dogs, and Mothman?! Chicago sure has a lot to offer. There have been reports of a seven-foot "Mothman" creature in Chicago by three separate witnesses over a four-hour period. Additionally, there have been unsolved UFO sightings at O'Hare International Airport. The windy-city is ready for your storm.

3. Bowman, South Carolina


Of course, we should be hospitable to extraterrestrials after they make the long journey to visit our planet. Fortunately, one man in Bowman has opened a cozy "UFO Welcome Center" to host aliens. Come to South Carolina to B&B with out-of-this-world guests.

4. Atacama Desert, Chile


Hidden in the dunes of the desert lies the eerie skeletal remains of "Ata" (pictured above). Give her remains a visit and decide for yourself if she is one of us or something different.

5. Los Angeles, California


Home to numerous alleged spaceship sightings, LA is the city of angels and aliens.

6. Sedona, Arizona


There is something about deserts! Sedona offers educational tours of "The Vortexes, UFOs and Ghosts", all-year-round, in which they explain the history of the beings that once lived there. It'll be sunny, don't forget your tin-foil hats for protection.

7. Kecksburg, Pennsylvania


It was the winter of 1965. Families were enjoying their dinners when, all of a sudden, a "ball of fire" soared through the sky. Folks here still swear that this UFO case is not yet closed - you can visit and ask the witnesses for the truth!

8. Suffolk, England


The Rendlesham Forest Incident is one of the most well-known UFO events to ever happen in the United Kingdom. (Sorry, Doctor Who Fans). Basically, there was a series of unexplained lights popping up in the forests of England, which have become intertwined with residents' claims of UFO sightings.

However, when questioned about these occurrences, The Ministry of Defence sternly responded that the government "no longer deals with reports of UFOs".

Rendlesham? More like Rendle-SHAME (on the British government for a messy reply).

9. Lincoln, New Hampshire


Lincoln goes down in history as the first place where aliens allegedly abducted a young couple. Betty And Barney Hill identify themselves and their story as the first people to have been taken and probed by aliens on September 19, 1961. Sounds like a fun date idea, not going to lie.

10. AlienCon


Surround yourself with like-minded people and stamp down plans for the next raid at AlienCon!

11. Levelland, Texas


Everything's bigger in Texas, even our UFO sightings. Indeed, the case of Levelland is one of the most impressive in history, given the dozens of unrelated witnesses combined with the short period of time of the event. Yeehaw down here and catch a ride on a horse or a spaceship to see the place that inspired "Close Encounters Of A Third Kind".

12. Greifswald, Germany


In 1990, seven green lights reportedly appeared in a neat line, hovering above a powerplant for half an hour. You've heard about the infamous "the Greifswald Lights", so why not come be enchanted by the conspiracy yourself?

13. Kolkata, India


Over ten years ago, The Times of India released an article expressing the concerns of several people who had witnessed a shape-shifting, flying object zooming over the heavily-populated city at the same time. Be apart of the phenomenon the next time this event occurs.

The truth is out there!