What the heckie! I’m a sophmore in college and things are just exciting. I’m on that new year, new me sh*t and I’m loving it! I’m going to try to eat healthier and get more rest, but we all know how that goes… I’ll be eating pizza multiple times a week before the semester is over.

1. The college improviser or master mind?

You get a lot of free sh*t in college so you might as well use it.

2. The “I’m not trying to drunk cry tonight”

When you’re telling a story and it starts to sound really sad and depressing, but you’re not trying to bring your new homies down.

3. Weather always trying to rain on your parade

Mother Nature, please. All your girl is trying to do is walk home from the library.

4. Tra$h Girl

I mean my GPA is about to be in the dumpster, but I’m still rockin’ and rollin’.

5. Dorm room pizza is the best pizza

Four out of five of the freakin’ squad and pizza, what more could you ask for?

6. Mini Wheats are the best late night snack

Just kissed a boy you didn’t even like that much? Your BFF and Mini Wheats will make everything swell again.

7. Brunch always

Enough said, plus you cannot go wrong with the college crew neck.

8. You procrastinated again

It’s 8 PM and you’re going to be in the library until 2 AM so brace yourself because it is all your own fault. Your mom told you, but your a** never listens.

9. The library is your second home

This goes along with number eight, but it turns out you actually love the library more than anything.

10. Everything gets better and if it doesn’t let’s just make the best of it

If all else fails, it’s almost Thursday.

11. Friendssss

Everything’s better with your gals by your side.


Nap in the library, nap on the bus or nap for 15 minutes between classes. There’s no shame in the nap game.

13. When things get rough, have a Poptart because college really is the best

There’s not much a toasty pop can’t fix.