Oh Longwood, how I love you. You have done me so much good and have opened doors for so many opportunities for me and thousands of other students. You are amazing in so many ways, but there are definitely some things that could be improved. Here are 13 New Years Resolutions you should consider:

1. On time FABs.

They're making us all late to class.

2. A coffee machine that won't break down in Java City.

How else am I supposed to get my morning coffee?

3. Not having construction wake us up at the crack of dawn.

Just let us SLEEP.

4. More options for meal swipes.

It's starting to get better, though!

5. More parking availability.

We pay $200 a year just to leave our car parked in the same spot because we can't park on campus.

6. Elevators that won't break down every two days.

This is awful when you have 20 bags of groceries.

7. A Greens-To-Go line that isn't out the door.

It shouldn't take me 30 minutes just to get a salad!

8. Creating a path for slow walkers.

Or else we're going to start pushing them out of the way.

9. Making professors actually use Canvas.

We need to know what our grades are!

10. Faster and more organized mail services.

They take their sweet time getting our mail to us.

11. Quieter people in the library, especially during finals week.

There's nothing more frustrating than when you're trying to study and you hear people loudly goofing off.

12. Giving out less parking tickets, even when we're in the correct decal zone.

Please check my decal before you give me a ticket, $50 is a lot of money! Oh, and cut us some slack on the weekends.

13. Chicken tenders and fries that are under $10 at the POD.

I mean, really?!

Well Longwood, I hope you consider some of these things as your New Years Resolutions.