Do you ever feel mentally unprepared for class? How about drained from your daily class schedule routine? Or maybe don't have the patience to get through the day? Yes, we have all been there, too.

That's why I have selected 13 common thoughts and feelings all students have during class with gifs to match.

1. The walk to your class to take an exam you didn't study for... at all.

2. When you're dreaming of that leftover pizza at home.

3. "Class, we will be working in groups for this project."

4. When someone is sitting in your unassigned, yet personally assigned, seat.

5. Having no clue what the professor is talking about and getting picked to answer a question.

6. That one student who constantly interrupts the class with irrelevant information.

7. The one day you decide to skip class and end up missing a new project introduction, seven reviewed chapters and free attendance points.

8. After your all-time favorite pen runs out of ink.

9. Group discussions turning into heated debates.

10. Being unable to copy notes fully because your professor flies through them.

11. Did I mention the professor also "doesn't believe" in putting the notes on canvas to copy for later?

12. Two minutes remaining till class is over and the professor yelling "class isn't over yet, sit down!"

13. When you realize class is canceled and you can go grab that pizza at home.