Ahhh, May. The month when most college students say goodbye to their school for the next few months and hello to living with their parents again. You’ve taken your last final, checked out of your room and packed the car to the brim like some weird game of Tetris. You make it home without anything falling off of the roof and you think you’re finally in the clear. However, we all know too well that the hard work is just beginning. Unpacking 7-8 months worth of stuff is no easy task. Here are 13 things that happen while unpacking for the summer.

1. You make it home and cant find the motivation to unload your stuff.

2. Once you do, most of your stuff sits in the living room for a while. And mom’s not too happy about it.

3. So you finally move it up to your room, where it sits like it did in the living room.

4. You find yourself digging through bins whenever you need something.

5. And constantly stepping over piles of stuff.

6. You eventually get sick of it and decide to unpack.

7. And realize you have absolutely no room for anything.

8. You find the most random things stashed away in your stuff.

9. And you begin to wonder how all of these clothes fit inside a dorm room.

10. It becomes altogether too overwhelming.

11. So you keep putting it off.

12. By the time you finally get around to finishing unpacking, there’s two weeks until move in day.

13. Should have left it all in the car to begin with!